Back at Uni soon!

I’m starting back at uni in less than 2 weeks! YAY!

I’ve always been the kid who couldn’t wait for the summer holidays to be over so I could get back to school – I always liked the holidays, but I just found that I got bored way to easily. I still do – holidays are usually filled with lots of reading, gaming, and crafting, but I still seem to find myself feeling bored!

Though I must admit, by the time I get to the last few weeks of semester I’m very much looking forward to the break – but after about a month, I’m ready to get back into it again haha.

I’m pretty much all set and ready to go – I’ve got all my textbooks, I’ve worked out how long it takes me to get to uni, and I’ve almost finished my semester list – I’m just waiting on 1 unit to release the list of weekly readings so I can add those to the list. This semester involves a LOT of reading, which I was expecting, but it’s still a bit of a shock when you see that the list of readings is already 2 A4 pages (and that’s with 1 unit still missing! Yikes).

I went to uni yesterday too, and found my new favourite study spot – look at this lovely view! One whole wall of the library is glass, and it looks out over the golf course 🙂 I think I’ll be studying out on the grass fairly often too, once the weather cools down a little (the UV ratings are still a bit high for it to be a good idea to sit out in the sun for an extended time).IMG_4587

The uni is tiny – I knew it was going to be small, because it isn’t the main campus (it’s one of those “Let’s just put a uni here to be able to pick up a few extra students” sort of campuses) but it really is tiny! There’s only 6 buildings, and I can walk from one end to the other in less than 10 minutes (and that’s at a leisurely pace – if I walk quickly, it takes less than 5!).

Next week we have our orientation day for Nursing (it’s a full day – but they are feeding us! Yay for free food!) and they’ll be giving us all the details about which vaccinations we need to get updated etc (I’m pretty sure I need to get just about everything done again – ugh).