Daylight Savings?

Just when I was getting used to my posting time…

Has Daylight Savings just switched back or something? Because I have a post that says it’s schedule for 11am…

But it’s now 11:40 according to my computer and the post is still showing as “Scheduled” for 11am today.

I am confused.


*EDIT* and in a stranger turn of events, as soon as I posted this, the other post also went live. WTF wordpress???


5 thoughts on “Daylight Savings?

  1. Hi. I’ve been noticing posting issues too:
    – some posts are published twice
    – scheduled posts show as published but I don’t see it in the blog roll
    – drafts in the wordpress app don’t show up on the desktop version
    – nothing happens when I try to publish from the app (even if my phone is pretty new – – Samsung Galaxy Note 3) , I can only publish successfully from my computer.

    My guess is that others are having issues too. You are not alone. Perhaps we need to forward our findings to wordpress directly!

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