Sunday’s Bento


This is from Sunday – previously, I haven’t tended to make bentos on weekends because I’ve never really needed to. But now, because of a musical I’m involved in has rehearsals on Sundays (and I can’t afford takeaway at the moment) I’ll be taking bento lunches to that.

We have:

  • veges (carrot, cauli, and some frozen peas – I was out of broccoli)
  • caramelised onions
  • rice
  • chicken enchilada filling w/ cheese

Pretty much everything in this bento was leftovers – rice was frozen, enchilada mix too, onions were from the night before’s dinner, and the peas were just part of my huge collection of frozen veges. The only things I had to prepare fresh were the carrots and cauli.

Got a lot of compliments about this one today – everyone was saying how good it smelled and looked, and the enchilada mix stirred into the rice tasted absolutely AMAZING.

I will definitely be doing the enchilada-rice combo again 🙂