What a day…

A bit of a mixed day today!

The good:

  • I got 1 1/2 chapters of reading done this morning before my lectures
  • Had my first 2 lectures for my nursing degree today, those were interesting!
  • The library is definitely my favourite study place for now – I happened to look up from my book at just the right time, and in the middle of my lovely view were two plubbers (birds – vicious ground-dwelling birds) going at it. I am glad I do not walk past that grass area, as I’m sure there’ll be a nest there now haha
  • The creek wasn’t over the bikepath any more, so no wet feet (YAY!)
  • Pumped-up bike tyres make riding WAAAAY easier (and here I was thinking I was just horribly unfit!). It only took me 25mins to ride to uni today (not 40) and I wasn’t as tired when I got there. Still stinking hot, but not tired.
  • Hubby fixed my desklamp! (Finally!) It’s not so pretty (it now has a wooden box in place of the plastic base) but it works and I can paint the box so it looks better 🙂 

The not-so-good:

  • My phone said the local temp was 23°C when I left for uni at 8:30. I call bullshit, I was dying by the time I got a quarter of the way there. I checked again once I arrived and it said 25°. Hahaha as if.
  • It was still just as hot and disgusting when I headed home – the little temp thing in the longeroom says it’s 30° currently, apparently with 57% humidity. Ugh summer go away already!
  • Something in the kitchen bin had gone maggot, and I got up this morning to find them crawling ALL OVER my kitchen floor. YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK they got vacuumed up and gassed with half a can of bug spray. But it’s not like the bin had been sitting there long, I only put in a new bag on Saturday! What the hell did I put in on Saturday?!?! I don’t remember…
  • I clipped a rock and fell off my bike LITERALLY across the road from my house. I really hope I haven’t pulled a muscle in my hip, because I landed on it funny (I practically did the splits. My body is in no way designed for the splits). I also have a reasonable-sized graze on my ankle where it met the pedal. Owwies.
  • I felt sooo bad for leaving this morning – while I was packing my lunch, Jacket went into my study and sat on my desk, waiting for me to come and start studying. When I told him I was going to uni, he looked so sad :(

    What do you mean, you’re going out? It’s study time, and this is the study place!

  • And finally, when I got home and sorted out bills etc, when I transferred the allocated “food money” to the credit card, I discovered that the amount showing as “available” is not correct right now – because the bank fees and interest have come out. They won’t show up on the internet banking statement until after COB today. So I’m $30 down for food – which is a lot, considering I only spend about $70 a week for the 2 of us. UGH now I’ve got to redo my meal plan because I can’t buy half the stuff I need. Pantry raid, here I come.
  • Also, I’m only halfway through my week 1 readings – most people would say “that’s fine, you’re only in week 1 now!”, but I always try to be 1 week ahead on my readings so I know what is happening – and it’s only week 1 and I’m already behind!


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