It appears I may have done a bit of damage in my bike stack yesterday – both my hip and my knee on that side are very sore and rather stiff.

Therefore, I decided not to ride to uni today, and instead got Hubby to drop me off. I’ll just have to hang around in the library this afternoon until he’s finished at work.

Jacket was also decidedly unimpressed – when he realised we were both going out, he went and hid under the front stairs (presumably working on the idea of “if I don’t go inside, they can’t leave”). Hubby went and fished him out, but when we got him back inside, he wouldn’t talk to either of us. He just went off in a huff :S

I’m sure he’ll be my friend once it comes to dinner though – I’m making chicken paella, so there’s always offcuts for kitty 🙂


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