Life update – Week 1 Semester 1 2015

I’m housesitting at my Mum’s place for a few days again, but this time I haven’t brought Jacket with me – one of Mum’s international students is afraid of cats 😦

The other two were very disappointed when I turned up without him, they wanted kitty cuddles haha

And Jacket is also missing me – when Hubby got home from work today, he found him sitting on my desk in his usual spot looking all sad 😦

In other news though – Dad has made me a reading stand! It’s perfect 🙂 All I’ve got to do is stitch up the strap that holds the leg in position so it looks a bit neater, but that can probably wait until I get the sewing machine out again.

First week of uni has gone quite well, I’ve ALMOST got all the week 1 readings done – I’m aiming to get them finished tonight, and then tomorrow I’ll get started on the week 2 stuff. I also got my Anatomy & Physiology study guide this week – YAY FOR COLOURING AS HOMEWORK! It’s very exciting, I get to colour in as my homework and that makes it not really homework (in my mind anyway).

I’ve just discovered that there is a specialised “Mental Health Strand” for our nursing degree, but it’s only offered at one campus – which isn’t the one I’m at. Because of the way the course codes are set up, I can’t enrol in it and still attend where I am now – I’d have to switch to the other campus, which requires quite a lot of paperwork and I wouldn’t be able to do it until the start of next year. The other campus is also a good deal further away from my house than where I currently attend.
The lecturer in charge of the strand said that as I’ve already got my psych degree, I would not be at a disadvantage job-wise if I didn’t do the Mental Health strand, but the students involved in the strand do get priority for Mental health placements. So now I’ve got to decide whether I’ll just stay where I am, do all the required electives and rely on my psych degree to get me a good job at the end – or do I switch campuses and do the Mental health strand.
Downsides to changing campuses – I’ve made friends already; Where I am now is WAY closer and much easier to get to; I like the smaller class sizes at my current campus – our lecturers do the tutorials too (this doesn’t happen at the other campus); Less students means you always get a spot in the library.
Upsides – Mental health strand; More “stuff” on campus (shops etc); More social activities (which I’ll probably never do anyway); Bigger library.

I’ll update you all once I’ve made a decision about the mental health strand thing – I don’t need to deal with the paperwork until about September, so I’ve got a while to think about it.

And now, I’d really better get back to studying.


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