Chicken Paella

This is not my photo – I keep forgetting to take a photo when I make this. God I’m slack!

The recipe is from the Super Food Ideas magazine from several years ago, and this is another one of Hubby’s favourite meals.

This is the recipe, but as per usual I make a few changes:

  • I use SIGNIFICANTLY more paprika. Like, 2 tbsp. We really like the smoked paprika in our house.
  • I tend to use chicken breasts rather than thighs, and I slice the meat up (rather than leaving them whole like the picture). I find this makes it easier for portioning out, because the amount from this recipe will usually make about 6 serves for us.
  • I also use only about 500g of chicken (not 800g), because meat is expensive. You really don’t notice the lesser amount, particularly if you are chopping it up.
  • I use plain tinned tomatoes, and add about a tbsp of additional tomato paste – those fancy ones with “tomato paste and capsicum” that the recipe asks for are EXPENSIVE! ($3.50 a can rather than $1 or less – I’ll take the cheaper cans thanks).
  • I don’t know whether it is just my stove, or what, but I often need to add a little more water, as all the water absorbs and the rice is not cooked properly. I add about 1/2 cup at a time and let it absorb, then repeat until the rice is properly cooked through
  • If you do not turn the heat down far enough, or if you have an electric stove with crappy elements, be very very careful to stir it well and often, otherwise the rice will stick to the bottom of the pot.

And apologies for this “Foodie Friday” not ACTUALLY being on a Friday – I sort of lost track of my days and forgot to finish this post in time *oops*



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