Mornings are bad…

I’m sure this is what Jacket thought this morning – I was so groggy when I rolled out of bed :S I stepped on him twice just getting from the bedroom to the kitchen (and that’s not even a long way). He cheered up a lot when I fed him though – hmmm cupboard love much? 

Oh coffee my coffee… How would I get up in the morning without you? I sure as hell wouldn’t be doing anything even remotely cognitive without caffeine.

Now off to uni for the day – today we’re starting our clinical labs, where we basically practice all the prodding and poking on each other… this should be interesting. I’m in no way a touchy-feely person, and I HATE having my personal space bubble invaded. 

To add to all of this, I drove through 3 sets of roadworks on my way home last night and now I have a migraine 😦



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