Migraine – the aftermath

Whenever I get a migraine, I spend the following 24-48hrs feeling like my brain has been stuffed with cotton wool and feeling dead tired.

Therefore, today I slept in (slept through 2 alarms, and woke up 10mins before I was supposed to leave for uni. I ended up driving in instead of riding my bike), then when I got home from uni and sat down on the couch with Hubby for a few minutes, I just passed out (Hubby says I just snuggled up to him and promptly fell asleep). Woke up 30mins later, but I’m still feeling horribly groggy.

Also fairly typical – I don’t remember anything about what happened yesterday before lunchtime. I was rather surprised to discover that I’d done a post – ??? I honestly don’t remember doing it :S I also had my A&P tutorial yesterday morning, and I don’t remember any of the content from that either. Apparently (according to 2 of my classmates) I looked like death warmed up, and one of them had agreed to send me the notes from the class.

The actual “migraine pain” part had thankfully passed by the time I had my Clinical Assessment lab in the afternoon, so I do actually remember what we did. I felt awful, but I do at least remember it.

I’ve felt so blah today, so I really hope this is a “24hr” runoff, not a 48hr one – the A&P lecture is tomorrow, and I also have 2 tutorials – 5hrs of back-to-back classes. Groggy is not something that will help with things tomorrow.

Now I’ve got to try and catch up on the homework that I didn’t get done yesterday, as well as the stuff on my “today” list. I’m not going to have much time on the weekend to catch up on stuff I haven’t done because we’ve got a rental inspection on Monday, and I’m out of the house from 10-5 on both days :S

Tea is required. I will go make a cup.



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