Thought of the day

Saw this on tumblr, and it made me think of how Hubby and I actually met.

I was in year 11, and was in the cast for a show – with a slight problem. Whenever we got to the finale, my BP would tank and I’d end up passing out on stage :S
The final solution was that the girl standing behind me would keep me steady until the curtain shut after the first song, then sort of turf me into the wings before the curtain opened again. Obviously, they needed someone to catch me, otherwise I’d just crash to the floor and make a huge noise. You can sort of guess who got allocated that role, yeah?
I found out some time later that he’d been asking around, to find out a bit more info about me… and apparently had every intention of asking me out back then! But when he found out I was only 16 still at that point (he was 19), he figured that I was a bit too young and didn’t do anything.

Then, a few years later our paths crossed again… and the rest is history haha 🙂

The funny part is, things probably wouldn’t have turned out the same way if he had asked me out back then – for starters, he was still smoking at that point and I had a hard and fast “No Smoking or Drugs” rule. Same rule still applies. He’d quit smoking by the time our paths crossed again three years later.
I also had a rather *interesting* (read as “somewhat abusive, ignorant pig”) boyfriend in the interim, which basically forced me to sort myself out – what I liked wearing, who I wanted to be friends with, what I wanted in a partner, who I was as a person. The ex was not the answer to any of those questions – in fact, he was the complete antithesis for a couple of them.

If I hadn’t had that relationship first, I probably wouldn’t be the person I am now; therefore, Hubby and I probably wouldn’t have lasted, and who knows where things might have gone after that?

Sometimes I wonder about where I might be if I hadn’t met Hubby, and if we hadn’t gotten married – what would I be doing? Would I be doing all the things I sometimes feel like I missed out on a little (solo travel, working OS, moving back to my Hometown), or would I be in exactly the same place I am now, just without someone there? Would there have been someone else?

Sometimes I feel a bit like I missed out on some of the “young person” stuff because of the things life has thrown at me – health problems, money woes, job losses. These things all mean that some of the things I wanted to do haven’t happened yet. But then, having Hubby there definitely makes up for all of that crap – because I’m pretty sure that if we were on our own, we wouldn’t have gotten through most of it, but together we got through it all and we’re stronger now for it 🙂


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