Today was a less-than-fantastic day.

I can’t go into much detail, because a lot of it is very specific and identifying… But the summary is that I am being underappreciated and underutilised for the things I CAN do, and continually being asked to do things that I’d already said I didn’t have time to do (because of uni). Also, if you give me something to do, let me do it (seeing as it’s something that I’ve ACTUALLY got a lot of experience in). Don’t tell me I have to listen to ‘these people’ and do what THEY want, rather than running it how would be best, particularly when I then get the blame for whatever goes wrong. NOT MY FAULT – IT WAS NOT MY CALL. Some of ‘the people’ are great, they let me do what I’m best at, and listen when I have a point to make. But today I got all the othe type. AARGH

I have also had 3 cups of coffee already (now having a 4th) and I still feel like shit.

Never mind the fact that the above *awesome* day means that I have been out of the house since 9am and only got home at 5:30 (with the same tomorrow) and I really needed that time at home because we have a rental inspection on Monday and because I was housesitting (ergo Hubby alone in the house for a week), there’s quite a lot of cleaning that needs to be done before then. Not even THINKING about the homework I also need to do.

I am now binge-watching Harry Potter while I do the folding & ironing. Because HP always makes me feel better.


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