Opinions please! Spotify vs Pandora

Hey everyone

I’m currently trying to decide whether I go with a monthly Spotify subscription, and also whether I keep my Pandora subscription if I do go with it.

I’ve been using PandoraOne for the last two years, and I love it. Good music, no ads. But over the last 6 months or so, I’ve been leaning more and more towards wanting to listen to particular albums or songs, instead of just ‘genre’ radio stations. I’ve been using Spotify free, but I HATE ads and find that they are particularly distracting when I’ve got a “study” or “meditation” style playlist going. Therefore, I sticking with free for both is not an option that will work for me.
I’ve paid for a month subscription to see if I like Spotify enough to switch, but I’m still in the consideration stage.

Spotify doesn’t have ALL the music I’d like to listen to, but it’s got the vast majority of it. It has radio stations, but I’m still working out how to use those properly – so far, I’ve discovered the “Playlists” section of Spotify, and that seems to be mostly filling in the space that Pandora does.

The main downside to Spotify that I can see is that there doesn’t seem to be a Spotify app for our TV, but there is one for Pandora. (We have a fancy-pants smart TV. Hubby’s choice, but I’m not complaining about it haha)

The other nice thing about Spotify is that I can link mine & Hubby’s accounts, and get premium for both of us for quite a bit cheaper than paying for 2 separate subscriptions. I quite like the idea of that (we can have separate playlists and music saved, without bothering each other), but it is more expensive than a single premium account.

I’d really appreciate any input, because I don’t know enough about Spotify to make a decent decision yet.



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