Role reversal

Hubby is currently cooking dinner.    !!!!

And I’m the one sitting on the couch….

This is different 🙂 good different! But the main reason it is happening is because I’m feeling a bit off, and I may have said “if you want dinner, you need to cook it.”


He just asked me what to put in mashed potatoes – he was going to do grated cheese and milk. While I’m sure that would be good, I don’t know if it would go that well with the onion gravy (we’re having bangers & mash).

Butter & sour cream is WAAAAAAY better.


He seems to be a little frazzled – obviously I make the whole “lining up everything so it’s ready at the same time” thing look easier than it is.

He’s waiting on the gravy now – and it isn’t thickening up.


Turns out he misread the container of gravy powder – it wanted 3 TABLESPOONS, not teaspoons. Gravy thickening up now this has been rectified.


Dinner finally done, and it was pretty good 🙂 yay!

I don’t think he’s realised that the dishes need to be done now though…

Meanwhile, I’m going to have a lemsip and hope I feel better.



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