I have placed myself under quarantine.

I don’t know if this is a sinus infection, or whether I’ve actually picked up some flu/cold/bug thing, but either way I don’t want to risk giving this to anyone else (Hubby has the immune system of… well I don’t know really. But he never seems to catch anything that I end up with).

Hubby has just gone down to the shops to get me some cans of soup, because we didn’t have any in the house and solid food is a no-go at the moment (I almost choked on the piece of bread I tried to eat for breakfast – not toast, bread. Soft, fresh bread). Because we didn’t have any, so far today I’ve had 2 Lemsip, a cup of coffee, and 3 cups of very sweet tea. I am absolutely KILLING for something decent to put in my stomach, because that lovely post-nasal drip means I am still feeling horrendously nauseous.

Hubby will once again have to cook his own dinner. I’m not sure what he’ll make. I will try and ensure he makes some veges to go with whatever he has though, because he’s liable to just heat up a pie (nothing else, just the pie). NOT a healthy or substantial dinner by any account.

I was supposed to be having a Tupperware party this weekend (yay tupperware hehehe) but that has obviously been cancelled. I just hope I’m feeling a little better by Monday so I can go to uni – if I miss Monday as well as today, that’ll be 3 lectures missed and it will take me FOREVER to catch up.


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