Yes, I am indeed sick

I have a killer post-nasal drip that is making me feel so nauseous it isn’t even funny. My throat hurts, and it’s hard to swallow, but that’s being caused by one of the glands in my neck being all swollen.

The same swollen gland seems to be stopping sinus drainage on that side too, because I feel like I’m essentially deaf in that ear. The other ear keeps popping :S

I also have a temperature, and I’ve had it since at least Wednesday, even though I felt OK then (I registered as 37.1° when we took temperatures in class, when I know that “normal” for me is about 36°). My teacher was like “oh that’s perfectly normal” and I was like “not for me it isn’t”. I was starting to feel “off” by Wednesday night, and now look at me…

I’d thought it was just that my antihistamines weren’t working properly this week, but…obviously not.

I was supposed to have 5hrs of back-to-back classes today, but I’ve elected to stay home and try to get better.

The most annoying thing right now is that I don’t have any soup left, so I’ll have to make more if I want to eat :S

I figure I’ll wait for all the medications to kick in and then at least TRY to do some of the work I’ll be missing today.



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