Make up your mind already!

It would be nice if when the school says “We want you to use APA 6th style for referencing and formatting” that they actually MEANT they wanted full, proper APA 6th style.

So, do they ACTUALLY want APA 6th style, as per the Publication Manual? NO.

They want us to follow their little “School of Nursing” APA guide. Which asks for DOIs to be written as “ etc”, which ISN’T APA6th as per the book & APA website (I know this because I just checked).

The even more annoying part of this is that the university library “Referencing Guide” website actually does it the way it says in the book.

When I asked about it today in the lecture, I was told that “there had been discussions and that this was the NEW way that APA6th was displaying DOIs”, and when I asked if my Publishing guide was therefore defunct (despite being only 2 years old), I was told that it was now incorrect.

Which quite obviously, it is not. I don’t have a problem with them using a modified APA referencing style, but don’t try to tell me that APA6th has been edited when a search through the official APA website shows nothing of the sort, and it isn’t even a consistent change across the whole university.

I think I still need to speak to my lecturer again about this, because I just need to be clear (for my own sanity). Also, the “Referencing Guide” they give us on the School of Nursing website only has a limited number of options for things – it doesn’t cover any referencing oddities that can come up when getting information from something other than a journal article/book, so if I need to reference something like that, should I be using the Publishing Guide format, or something different?

Now I’m worrying about this, because what if they want us to use other different layout settings or something too? According to my lecturer, I’ll get marked down if I use “proper” APA style, because it’s not what is on the referencing guide they’ve made.

UGH. Rant over.



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