I’ve just updated my Reading Challenge 2015 page to show the books I intend to read for each item.

If there’s an item without a book title, it’s because I haven’t picked something for that one yet. Please feel free to suggest something!

For “A book your Mum loves”, I’ll take suggestions from any mothers or other people’s mothers, because when I asked my Mum she said she didn’t know because she doesn’t get much time to read. Also, most of the books she’s encountered in the last few years have been along the lines of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, with the most complex being the “Baby Sitter’s Little Sister” series (she’s a teacher aide, mainly for lower grades). She loves Dr Seuss, but I’ve read all those and I’d rather a slightly longer book… haha

For the “A book with bad reviews”, make it a book that had less-than-stellar reviews, but that you personally liked… I refuse to read books that are terrible or that I don’t like, and if I have to buy it I don’t want to spend money on something I won’t read.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!



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