Long Weekend – Life update

This weekend, I’m planning on catching up on all my homework/etc that I’ve gotten a little behind with so far this semester, as well as catching up on the cleaning that had gotten behind. I’ve also got our mid-semester break this week, so I’ve got the rest of the week to get everything all sorted.

Yesterday, I did 4 loads of washing (sheets, towels, and 2 lots of clothes). Now they’re all sitting in baskets in the loungeroom waiting to be folded. I’ll probably get to that tonight. I also did 3 loads through our baby dishwasher, and then promptly used most of the pots and mixing bowls again to make dinner. So now I need to do them all again haha.

Today, I’m trying to catch up on the readings that I’ve missed so far this semester. There’s a few, getting sick & having those couple of migraines has really set me back.


my study buddy is happy that today is a study day haha

It’s been so wet here this week, I haven’t been able to ride my bike to uni because it’s been raining, or on the days it isn’t raining the creek has been knee-deep over the bike path. Hubby has been dropping me off and picking me up every day. I wish it would stop raining, I’ve been really enjoying riding to uni 😦

Sorry about the lack of Tutorial Tuesdays and Foodie Fridays, uni + sick = not a lot of time. I’ll hopefully start getting back on track with them after the break, but I’ll have to see how things go.




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