Busy Day

Went to the uni medical centre and got my HepB booster, as well as getting all my paperwork signed to say I’ve got all the right vaccinations and serology and stuff. It’s all now submitted, so I’m basically done for that part of my assessment 🙂 I finished one of my recreational reads on the bus on the way home, so I’ve started another one.

I also baked a fruit cake (this recipe), and made some pizza scrolls (completely from scratch, dough and all! Kneading is very therapeutic. Possible Foodie Friday post!)

Then did some various cleaning and watched 3 episodes of Sword Art Online.

Now I’m off to bed, tomorrow is going to be mainly study/homework. I’ve still got a bit of reading to catch up on, and I’ve got to prepare for a mid-semester exam which is at the end of next week.



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