Assessment craziness

I’m aiming to get assignment 1 finished tomorrow, so I can do a bit of final exam review on Friday before the exam on Saturday.

I’ll then finish assignment 2 over Saturday night/Sunday.

At least, that’s the plan. Hopefully it works out that way. I’m thinking I’ll skip my Friday A&P lecture and just do exam prep, and then catch up on the lecture recording next week.

I had a furry study buddy for a little while tonight, but when Hubby went to bed, he left too 😦 so now I’m up doing my assignment all on my own.

I’ll have to head to bed soonish though, because it rained quite heavily this arvo so I’ll be getting Hubby to drop me at uni tomorrow – annoyingly, I have no way of knowing if the bike path is under until I get to it.

Looks like it will be the same until at least Wednesday next week too, as it is supposed to rain pretty much non-stop from now until Tuesday if the weather man is to be believed… I like rain, but we’re supposed to be heading into winter now!

But good news – I got 57/60 on my last assignment, WOOOOOOH!!!!!! So far, this means that I’m maintaining a GPA of 7 (for non-Aussies, we grade from 1 – 7, with 7 being the highest you can get. A 4 is a pass, and anything less is a fail)!

I know it’s the “I told you so” dance, but let’s just imagine it’s my Happy Dance 🙂



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