Bloody t-tests

It’s been at least 3 years since I did ANY sort of statistics class.

I’ve officially forgotten how to interpret a t-test. So I googled it.

Only problem is, it would appear that I’ve missed something important somewhere, because the data we’ve been given to write up makes NO FREAKING SENSE.

Pretty much everything I’ve read suggests that accuracy on a Stroop Task should improve w/ caffeine consumption. According to the data, it increased to a 100mg caffeine consumption, and decreased again for 200mg. Meh, could be possible. Could have fluked with who was in what group.

Then we get to reaction time – EVERYTHING, literally EVERYTHING says that reaction time should improve. NOPE. No significant differences anywhere according to the t-tests. And then it gets weirder – if I look at the simple analysis, the mean reaction time actually INCREASES with caffeine dose. AAAAAAAAAAARGH

Now I’m not sure if I’ve misinterpreted the data, or whether it is just totally whacked out.

I need more coffee.



2 thoughts on “Bloody t-tests

    • Got it worked out and handed in thankfully… Hopefully I interpreted them correctly though! I usually don’t mind statistics, numbers are usually good for me, but I haven’t do e the statistics stuff for AGES and I’d forgotten haha

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