I had a plan for today. I was going to get up, do a few hours of work on my assignment before Mum came over for lunch, then kick her out again at about 4 and finish my assignment.


We got a phone call at 8am from Hubby’s mum, saying that we were doing lunch today for Hubby’s dad’s 60th bday. So I then had to call MY mum and reschedule. (This is not unusual for Hubby’s family – organisation seems pretty much impossible for them, and it frustrates the HELL out of me.)

The day ended up being – get up, get ready, do a tiny bit of work on assignment then off to lunch with the in-laws and the rest of the family. Finished there at about 4, then straight to my Mum’s to sort out stuff, then leave at 8:45 (original plan to leave at 8) and get home by 9:30.

Now I’ve got to finish all the assignment by pretty much 7am tomorrow, because I have a Mental Health workshop from 9:30 until 3:30, and the assignment is due at 5pm.

I suspect I will end up pulling an all-nighter tonight, despite my determination NOT to do that any more.

I’m already so tired from all the human interaction today, I just want to go to bed.



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