It begins…

My first “fast day” is going to be Monday.

The plan for the day is as follows:


  • Coffee w/ 2% milk & 1 sugar – 50cal



  • 1/3 cup edamame – 75cal


  • Steamed veges – 85cal (this is approx 1 1/2 cups of non-starchy vegetables)
  • Lemon crumb fish fillet – 150cal

That’s a total of 535cal for the day. You’re allowed to “fill in the gaps” with tea/coffee (sans milk & sugar) if you’re feeling hungry, so I’ll definitely be taking an assortment of teabags to uni with me, along with my travel mug. I’ve tried to include a decent amount of veges (soup is pretty much all veg) as well as protein from the edamame and fish.

I would usually ride to uni, but I think I will get Hubby to drop me off when he heads to work instead. My route to uni has a couple of KILLER hills, and it’s 5.5km, so walking or riding on the first day of a reduced intake just seems like a less-than-intelligent idea.

I’ll let you know how I’m feeling after this.

I’m also looking into how much the entry cost is at our local aquatic centre – it’s indoor, so I could swim right through winter if it’s affordable. I don’t particularly like water, but I do find the process of doing laps to be quite soothing. Go figure :S Also, I’m still seriously considering the idea of going into the Navy, so I need to improve my swimming abilities to pass the fitness test.



5 thoughts on “It begins…

    • How do you break up your ‘fast day’ calories?
      Do you eat one big meal, or a couple of smaller ones?
      Thinking about whether a different format may work better for me, seeing as I wasn’t really hungry until I ate lunch! Then I was sort of STARVING.

      • Mostly I’ll have a small amount or nothing at all at breakfast, just a rice cake snack at lunch as I’m usually very busy and can distract myself and then a larger meal with most of the calories in the evening.

        Although during the winter I was eating most of my calories in chunky soup for lunch and then going to bed early and not having an evening meal.

        Don’t know if I’m being very helpful! Sorry! šŸ™‚

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