Uni update

Got my marks back for my Clinical prac assessment!

I got 78.5%, which is a Distinction/6 🙂

My calculations tell me that this means my overall mark for the subject is a Distinction/6 as well – I’m pretty happy with that!

Now just to wait for my other 3 classes to release their marks.


How do I end up doing this?

In the show this year, there are 27 songs.

3 of them don’t need orchestrating because we’ve done them before (24 songs left)

A further 3 don’t need to be orchestrated because they are acapella or using recordings (21 songs left)

Remove 1 more song because it is a mash-up of some of the other songs in the show, and therefore we can just cut-and-paste the orchestrations (20 songs)

Of those remaining 20 songs, I will have orchestrated 10 by the end of this week. I’ve also then got to transcribe 2 more of the songs and orchestrate them too. From youtube. Youtube has crappy quality sound, which makes transcribing an absolute PAIN.

The most amusing part? I said at the start of this year that I wouldn’t be doing any orchestrating or transcribing because I was too busy with uni. So it seems that instead of getting other people to do it, they just waited until I finished uni for the semester.

Keep in mind, opening night is next Friday.

So I have finished my uni work, only to spend another week at the computer orchestrating.

In addition, I seem to have (somehow) taken on the role of “primary signwriter” for backstage. Once again, not ENTIRELY sure how that happened, but I thankfully managed to drag in a friend to help with that. Thankfully, all the signs are now finished (including having to fix the most complex sign we have because it got damaged in transit from our shed to the theatre. If I ever find out who packed it I will ensure they get no chocolate all season).

I love you all, and I love doing the work, but how do I always end up doing so much? Surely I’m not the only person with these skills.



I did my Clinical Health prac assessment this morning, and I am now done for the semester!

Once again… this is my happy dance. Ignore the fact that it’s Elliot’s “I told you so” dance.

I missed a couple of things, but I think I did pretty well overall! I missed a few things because I ran out of time, I kept garbling my words and having to re-say things. I was more stressed about sticking to the time frame than I was about the content :S

I’ve got a month off from uni, but I’ll be filling the next week with orchestrating for the show instead :S haha so no brain break until next Wednesday at the earliest.



Can’t be assed

In all honesty, I think I’ll just skip my fast days for this week and start again next week. This whole week has been a bit weird, and I need to keep doing a heap of “back up” cooking so we have enough freezer meals to see us through the show and for Hubby to eat while I’m away for 4 days at the start of next month. I’ve already filled up our little deep freezer, so I’m going to have to re-organise our fridge-freezer to fit in the rest of the food. But once it’s done, we could probably get through the better part of a month without having to shop if we needed to.
Positive of this is that I should have a few “Foodie Friday” posts to go up after the exam period.

Note to self – I’ve really got to start writing dates on the labels as well as what the meal is. I had to chuck out a couple of containers because I’m pretty sure I made them before we moved (6mths ago).

Posts will probably be a little sparse for the next 2 weeks until I’m finished with my exams – timetable is as follows:
13th – 1 exam
15th – 2 exams (1 morning, 1 afternoon)
17th – 1 exam
23rd – Clinical prac exam

Now, I should really get back to studying!


Music discovery

I have recently discovered a new band, called Lights & Motion.

In my slightly odd mind, I have labeled many of their songs as “Sunrise music”. Basically, if you could hear a sunrise, this is what I think it would sound like.

All of the music is gorgeously, majestically, hugely orchestral crossed with a good quality synthesiser – pretty much a wall of beautiful sound. You totally need to listen to it. This is one of my favourites so far:


Oven slow cooker

The experiment was a success!

Just a few things I’d change next time – cook chicken as whole breasts, then chop up after cooking, and probably use thighs instead (juicier meat). The chicken literally fell apart when I was serving, but Hubby says that the couple of whole bits he got were a little dry.

The recipe itself got 10/10 from hubby though, so I’ll post about it next time I make it (I forgot to take photos this time).