First Fast Day

Today went better than I expected.

I stuck to my plan fairly well, except for the fact that I got shaky while I was doing the food shopping tonight, so I ended up eating a little snack-size chocolate bar (it was the only food I had in my handbag. I need to restock on my healthy snack foods).

Total calories ended up being about 600 (rather than the 545 in the original post) but it was my first day, so I’ll see how I go as I get more accustomed to the diet.



6 thoughts on “First Fast Day

  1. Well done!! Glad to hear your first one went okay! Yeah low calorie snacks are a must for when you just have to have something! I usually have rice cakes or raspberries with me (until I started 5:2 I never knew raspberries only have like 1 calorie each!). Hope you enjoy normal food today! It’s like a little reward! 🙂

    • Today was free pizza day at uni haha so very enjoyable 🙂
      I’ll have to investigate the current price of grapes, because berries are heinously expensive over here pretty much year-round ($9 for a 250g punnet for raspberries atm!).
      I’ll also do a bit more vege prep so I’ve got vege sticks to snack on.

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