Time to choose classes for Semester 2!

So, our “class planning” opened today.

Basically, that’s when you can go in and LOOK at what is available, and pick the classes you would prefer to end up with next semester. You save the selections, then on the 12th (when enrolments open) you can go in and click “Confirm enrolment” and get your classes. If you’re not quick, you might miss out on your preferred class time and have to pick something else.

I’ve picked my preferences – Monday will be HELL, I’ve got 3x 2hr lectures and a 1hr lecture, the first starting at 8am (8AM FOR FUCKS SAKE. I’m not a morning person AT ALL) and the last finishes at 5pm. I have straight back-to-back classes from 12-5pm. This WAS NOT my choice – we only have the 1 option for lectures.

Luckily though, this nasty day means that I will hopefully be able to set up my week so I get 2 class-free days! YAY!

The conundrum?

How the HELL do I go about telling my friends (who seem determined to do EVERY class together) that as much as I love them, I really DON’T want to do every class with them? We’ve all got the same lectures, and there’s not really that many class options so we’ll most likely end up in at least some of the same classes, but I would actually prefer NOT to be in the same classes all the time. As odd as this is going to sound, I particularly don’t want to do my clinical labs with P. We get along great in pretty much every other class (I have all but 2 classes with her), but I’ve been in 1 clinical lab with her this semester and I just.. it didn’t really work. I can’t put my finger on why though.

But I don’t have a CLUE how I should go about saying that without sounding like a snobby prat. “I want to be friends but I don’t want to be in the same classes” just doesn’t really sound like you ACTUALLY want to be friends.
I managed to get out of the conference call this morning to plan our classes… I just said we should just pick what we want, then compare once we get to the lecture this afternoon.

Now I should really go and get ready for said lecture.



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