Semester is almost over!

I’m nearly done with Semester 1 of my Nursing degree!

Holy crap, is it really June already? I only have 1 more lecture left and then it’s just exam prep time!

This has gone so fast, I’ll be going on prac before I even realise what’s happening. It’s a bit scary, because while I feel like my brain is going to burst from all the new information I’ve squished in there over the past 3 months, it still feels like I don’t really know ANYTHING.

All assessments up to this point, my GPA is sitting at 6.5 (two 7s and two 6s), but I’m still sitting at a position where I could probably get 7s for everything if I do reasonably well on the end-of-semester exams. So now to go head down tail up and make sure I really know my stuff 🙂

The teaching assistant in my Clinical Health lab today said she thinks I’ll do quite well on my practical assessment, because I’ve been working hard all through semester and I know my stuff. I’m taking that as a good sign.

And an update on the “let’s all get the same classes” thing – we are all in the same classes. ALL THE SAME CLASSES. I’m not sure yet how I feel about this… I guess we’ll just wait and see whether everybody is quick enough to get in and get those classes. I know I’ll be sitting there at my computer hitting refresh every 10 seconds for the 5mins or so leading up to when it opens so that I can get in ASAP and get my preferred times.


2 thoughts on “Semester is almost over!

  1. When it comes to essays and exams you’ll be glad your all in the same class for moral support. Also after you’ve been on placement if you’re still in the same classes you’ll be happy to have folk to chat to about stuff. In regard to not knowing anything you’ll know more than you realise but won’t really feel it till you’re on the wards etc. Dont get me wrong you’ll feel like a fish out of water at times but relish the moments you surprise yourself.

    • We’re all taking the same courses, it’s just that there’s 4-5 different times for tutorials and they want to do EVERYTHING together and that makes me feel a little claustrophobic. But that’s just a bit of a personality quirk of mine haha

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