Cooking experiment

I am going to be conducting a cooking experiment.

I currently only own a 6.5L slow cooker. This is a problem – since there’s only 2 of us, a 6.5L slow cooker is a little bit of overkill. A lot of the recipes I’d like to make serve 6 people, and this is not enough stuff to be able to use my big slow cooker. The slow cooker is supposed to be at least 2/3 full to use it, otherwise you risk overheating the upper parts of the bowl and cracking it.

I have been researching alternatives, pending my eventual purchase of this gorgeous thing (I’m hoping I might get it for my birthday this year).

One that seems to be a decent contender is using a dutch oven in the oven. It seems to best emulate the steady heat and no-stir/set&forget benefits of an actual slow cooker. It’s not something I’d choose INSTEAD OF a slow cooker, because I wouldn’t ever want to leave the house when the oven was on (which is basically the main point of slow cookers as far as I’m concerned. Put food in before I leave for work/uni, and it’s ready when I get home).

The basic premise of this seems to be that you heat the oven to a low-moderate temp, then cook the recipe as you would in a normal slow cooker. I’ve decided on 120°C (about 250°F) because that seems to be a roughly average figure when I compare all the various suggested temperatures. The pot I’m using is a cheap-brand version of a Le Crueset pot (enamelled cast iron).

I’ll report back on how it goes.



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