2015 Wrap-up

Here’s the mandatory post about “how things went in 2015”. This is somewhat based off of my “Goal List” from the start of this year (find it in this post). Over the next few days, I’ll be working out my Goal List for 2016, and I should post that sometime during January.

I was remarkably successful in this category! I graduated from my Bachelor of Psychology (we won’t speak of my final marks for that, but I GRADUATED!) and now have a piece of paper and another line for my resume.
I’m one year through my Bachelor of Nursing, and my marks are SO much better! As of the end of this year, my GPA is 6.0 and this makes me eligible for the “High Achievers” events (e.g. a morning tea a few weeks ago, that may result in a nursing job!).
I managed to maintain my designated “study hours” fairly well, but there is definitely room for improvement (particularly in regards to getting assignments started earlier). I started all my assignments this year approx 1-2 weeks before they were due, but I’m going to aim for having them COMPLETED 1 week before their due next year. I only had to pull 1 all-nighter for an assignment, and OMG I felt like crap. I am too old to do that anymore.

I did much better at (mostly) eating at “normal” meal times, and I consistently made packed lunches for uni. Hubby took over his own lunch making around June, and he’s also been good at that.
I’ve done much better at not worrying/stressing about things that aren’t under my control, and I’ve felt far more level emotionally (particularly in the last 6mths). I’ve also been asking for help when I needed it, not once it was too late and I’d already burnt out.
We’ve been eating far more food that I make from scratch, and this has reduced our food costs. We’re still spending an absolute FORTUNE every week on soft drink and energy drinks, but I can confidently say that I’m not the one drinking those. Hubby just isn’t ready to give them up, and I’m not going to push the point because we can (sort of) afford it.
I swapped out driving for walking and bike riding (or public transport) for about 90% of my transport needs, and this helped increase my fitness levels and reduce our fuel costs. It’s much easier at our new place than it was at our old house though – EVERYTHING is within walking distance, while at our old place nothing was (closest supermarket to our old place was 4km away. New place – there’s 3 within 800m). I only joined a gym in the final few months of 2015, but I’ve been going fairly regularly (barring a few disaster weeks).
I BECAME A MORNING PERSON!!!!! Well, sort of. I became a person who regularly gets up at 7am on days when I have nothing booked before lunchtime (or at all) and I feel pretty good about that. It took until the second half of the year to really get there, and the 6:30am starts for my nursing prac really helped cement the morning thing. I’m still not exactly cognitive before caffeine, and my brain doesn’t really wake up until at least 2hrs after I get up, but I’m no longer nocturnal so that’s a good thing.

I successfully remained off of Facebook during semester time this year, and I will be repeating that next year. I also feel like I wasted less time on Tumblr and Twitter. I may have swapped this out a bit with this blog and YouTube though. I still feel I wasted less time online than previously though.
I culled my wardrobe, and now pretty much everything in there fits me and is in the styles I want to wear.
I *tried* to plan out my days… with mixed success. Some days, it went really well. Others were an absolute disaster. I let it slide a bit in the second half of the year, but I’m going to continue working on that next year as well.
Did better this year with keeping on top of the housework – I could definitely do better, but the only times I really didn’t keep the house reasonably tidy were exam weeks… and I figure that’s forgivable.

I still don’t have my reading corner, but we’re looking at possibly replacing our couch this year, so I’ll hopefully be getting a big squishy one-person chair when we do that, so I can set up said reading corner.
I have successfully been trying at least 1 new recipe a month, sometimes almost 1 per week. Only 2 of them got rejected by Hubby, so that’s a good start!
I averaged 1 recreational book per month, but they were mostly crammed into my uni breaks… I would judge that a success 🙂
I’ve been spending more time knitting/crocheting, and I’ve almost finished a gorgeous jumper. It’s a little tight atm (mainly around the tummy area), but by the time the weather gets cold enough for me to wear it I aim to have lost a bit of weight so it will all be fine.

I did a bit better at keeping in regular contact with my grandparents this year, but it’s never enough. I lost my Nan only a week ago, and the amount of contact I had was never enough. I wish I could have gone down to visit more often, but flights are expensive and we haven’t exactly had spare $$ this year. So many regrets, but it’s too late. Everyone give your grandparents a hug, because you’ve only got a finite time to do it.

Overall, a mostly good year. The past month has been hard, but up until that point things were going well. Normal life has still been good during the past month though, which has made it easier to deal with the bad stuff.

Happy New Year to you all (because I probably won’t be doing another post before then), and I’ll see you in 2016!


Sad day

As you guys know from this post, my Nan has been in hospital.

She got moved out of ICU two days ago, and everything seemed to be going pretty well.

I just got a call from my Dad that she passed away about an hour ago.

She was 95, she’d lived a good life, but I just wish I’d been able to get down to see her more often (she lived a 3hr flight away, then a 2hr drive past that).


Oh lordy…

I have the worst headache I’ve had in AGES today and I have no idea why.

It started this afternoon, about 3ish, so maybe it was from my lunch? I bought some skinless cocktail franks (so I could make octopus franks – yes, I’m an adult I swear) and I’ve never bought them before, so maybe there is something in those that is not my friend? I’ll have to recheck the ingredient list, I thought they would be OK.

I just want to try and sleep it off, but I can’t because it hurts even when I’m lying down. I’ve taken some painkillers, but I might have to dig out the ‘big guns’ soon.

I’m currently contemplating a dose of caffeine – it helps when I get a migraine, so maybe it will help now.

One positive though – it ISN’T a migraine!


What’s going down

So, what’s been going on in my life?

A fair bit, really, and it’s been somewhat affecting the amount of time (and content) that I have to blog.

My Nan is currently in hospital for the third time this year – first for getting a knee reconstruction, then for a few days with pneumonia (from the flu) and now she’s just had a heart valve done. She’s currently in ICU, and looking like she’ll be there for a little while. She had her surgery on the 1st, but it didn’t go quite as planned – they were meant to do it via the femoral artery so they didn’t have to open her up, but for whatever reason they couldn’t do it that way, so it ended up being a far more traumatic surgery. The worst part is, I can’t afford to fly down to Adelaide and visit.

I have been feeling a bit “blah” with the hot weather – I had always thought that I would be blogging more, because of there being aircon in the study, but NOPE. I’ve just had no motivation.

I haven’t really been cooking that many new recipes, and I’ve mostly forgotten to take photos of the ones that I have. So there’s been a limit on the “Foodie Fridays” posts. I’m figuring that I’ll take a break from them for now, and any that I can do I’ll queue up for after the New Year.

I’ve also been sort of obsessively reading. I averaged a book a day for nearly two weeks after I finished exams, but I’ve slowed down a little now. I’ve also been catching up on the magazines that I haven’t had time to look through during semester. Most of those are food magazines, so they may provide some Foodie Friday content.

My ‘to-watch’ list is also hugely long, so I’ve been sort of doing Netflix & Chill a bit more than I should be. Because UGH hot summer weather it’s too hot to actually move off the couch.

I’ve also been spending an inordinate amount of time applying for AIN jobs, because I’d like some work. Nothing has come of any of the applications yet, but I’m still hopeful.

I’m also starting to plan my New Years posts, so there’s content in my brain, it just isn’t really appropriate yet. Lets call this a christmas break, and we’ll hopefully be back to regular programming after the holidays.