What’s going down

So, what’s been going on in my life?

A fair bit, really, and it’s been somewhat affecting the amount of time (and content) that I have to blog.

My Nan is currently in hospital for the third time this year – first for getting a knee reconstruction, then for a few days with pneumonia (from the flu) and now she’s just had a heart valve done. She’s currently in ICU, and looking like she’ll be there for a little while. She had her surgery on the 1st, but it didn’t go quite as planned – they were meant to do it via the femoral artery so they didn’t have to open her up, but for whatever reason they couldn’t do it that way, so it ended up being a far more traumatic surgery. The worst part is, I can’t afford to fly down to Adelaide and visit.

I have been feeling a bit “blah” with the hot weather – I had always thought that I would be blogging more, because of there being aircon in the study, but NOPE. I’ve just had no motivation.

I haven’t really been cooking that many new recipes, and I’ve mostly forgotten to take photos of the ones that I have. So there’s been a limit on the “Foodie Fridays” posts. I’m figuring that I’ll take a break from them for now, and any that I can do I’ll queue up for after the New Year.

I’ve also been sort of obsessively reading. I averaged a book a day for nearly two weeks after I finished exams, but I’ve slowed down a little now. I’ve also been catching up on the magazines that I haven’t had time to look through during semester. Most of those are food magazines, so they may provide some Foodie Friday content.

My ‘to-watch’ list is also hugely long, so I’ve been sort of doing Netflix & Chill a bit more than I should be. Because UGH hot summer weather it’s too hot to actually move off the couch.

I’ve also been spending an inordinate amount of time applying for AIN jobs, because I’d like some work. Nothing has come of any of the applications yet, but I’m still hopeful.

I’m also starting to plan my New Years posts, so there’s content in my brain, it just isn’t really appropriate yet. Lets call this a christmas break, and we’ll hopefully be back to regular programming after the holidays.



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