Oh lordy…

I have the worst headache I’ve had in AGES today and I have no idea why.

It started this afternoon, about 3ish, so maybe it was from my lunch? I bought some skinless cocktail franks (so I could make octopus franks – yes, I’m an adult I swear) and I’ve never bought them before, so maybe there is something in those that is not my friend? I’ll have to recheck the ingredient list, I thought they would be OK.

I just want to try and sleep it off, but I can’t because it hurts even when I’m lying down. I’ve taken some painkillers, but I might have to dig out the ‘big guns’ soon.

I’m currently contemplating a dose of caffeine – it helps when I get a migraine, so maybe it will help now.

One positive though – it ISN’T a migraine!


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