Cool new thingy

So I got this awesome new little coffee thingy:


Filter coffee for one!

It’s from Daiso and it cost like $3. A pack of 100 filters also cost about $3.

It’s awesome because REAL COFFEE without the clean up or the super-noisy coffee machine. I dug out my old coffee grinder and I’m grinding my own coffee beans to use in it.

Not so awesome because OMG I’m drinking WAY too much coffee. I’ve gone from my 1-a-day to 2-or-3-a-day… I will have to be careful that I don’t get back to drinking like 8+ a day once I’m back at uni (been there, done that. Not really interested in going back). Also, coffee beans are EXPENSIVE. But I guess $6 a week in coffee beans is still cheaper than buying takeaway coffee.



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