Goals for 2016 – addendum

After some thought, I’ve decided that I need to add a couple of things to my original 2016 Goals list.

Both these items are going under the “Health & Beauty” section.

  1. I’m going to give the “capsule wardrobe” thing a go. I tend to wear the same stuff day-in, day-out anyway, so I figure I’ll just make this a conscious rather than unconscious decision. I’ve got a few items that I need to purchase still, and I’ll be doing that once I’m working, but otherwise I’m pretty much good to go.
  2. I’m going to have another go at the 5:2 diet. I tried it last year, and I sort of got a bit slack and just stopped doing it. This year, I’m going to re-read the book and borrow the recipe book(s) from the library and properly plan my fast days. Maybe it will work better for me this time.

Both these items were inspired by a slight freak-out I had on Saturday.
I was trying to get ready to go out to the city with Hubby and a couple of friends, and I originally thought I’d wear a dress. Which is when I realised that pretty much all my dresses (all but 2 being hand-me-downs) either didn’t fit properly or were in colours that don’t match most of my accessories. So I thought, since it’s a cooler day (for summer), I’ll wear jeans and a nice shirt. The first nice shirt I selected was another hand-me-down, but one I absolutely ADORE. It’s gotten these weird spots all down the bit where the buttons do up and around the collar. The option was a red blouse with short flippy sleeves – it looks awesome with jeans, and is SO my colour. BUT it’s a bit thin so you need to wear a white or skin-colour bra underneath… and my ONLY bra in that category that actually fits me is a sports bra and GUESS WHAT… The fabric around the edges of the bra cups has discoloured, so you could see it through the shirt. AAAARGH by this point I was having a horrible time and was sorely tempted to cancel dinner, because I just felt fat and awful. I ended up wearing a button-down shirt that was a little less dressy, but still nice. It worked, but the sleeves were a little tight when I first put it on (they always are, it’s cotton so it stretches a bit once it warms up) and that just made me feel 1000% worse about all of it.
At least my jeans fit!

So, after all that chaos I decided that I need to do something about my wardrobe. I clearly have a large number of items that I just don’t wear, for whatever reason. I need to cull them and replace them with things that I will wear. Enter the capsule wardrobe idea. This was closely followed by the thought that there’s not much point making a capsule wardrobe if I still feel fat and gross. The 5:2 diet seemed to work reasonably well while I was using it last year, so maybe it’s time to give it another go.

Sadly, the “buying new clothes” thing will have to wait until I’ve got a job and am earning my own money. In the meantime, I’m just going to get rid of the stuff that I don’t like wearing or can’t clean up and work out what I need to buy to fill out my clothing options.


2nd Fast Day

It was a bit of an impromptu decision to make today my 2nd fast day for this week – I was going to do it on Saturday, but then I decided to stay home and clean today (instead of going in to Uni) so I decided to make today the fast day instead.

Total calories for today’s meal plan is about 650.

Breakfast – coffee (1 sugar, 2% milk) – 50cal

Lunch – scrambled egg w/ cheese + spinach  on 1 slice of toast – 291cal

Dinner – Spaghetti bolognese (homemade) w/ 1/2 cup pasta – 302cal

This one is a little higher in calorie count than is “optimal” for a fast day, but that’s because I didn’t originally plan to do the fast day today.


First Fast Day

Today went better than I expected.

I stuck to my plan fairly well, except for the fact that I got shaky while I was doing the food shopping tonight, so I ended up eating a little snack-size chocolate bar (it was the only food I had in my handbag. I need to restock on my healthy snack foods).

Total calories ended up being about 600 (rather than the 545 in the original post) but it was my first day, so I’ll see how I go as I get more accustomed to the diet.


It begins…

My first “fast day” is going to be Monday.

The plan for the day is as follows:


  • Coffee w/ 2% milk & 1 sugar – 50cal



  • 1/3 cup edamame – 75cal


  • Steamed veges – 85cal (this is approx 1 1/2 cups of non-starchy vegetables)
  • Lemon crumb fish fillet – 150cal

That’s a total of 535cal for the day. You’re allowed to “fill in the gaps” with tea/coffee (sans milk & sugar) if you’re feeling hungry, so I’ll definitely be taking an assortment of teabags to uni with me, along with my travel mug. I’ve tried to include a decent amount of veges (soup is pretty much all veg) as well as protein from the edamame and fish.

I would usually ride to uni, but I think I will get Hubby to drop me off when he heads to work instead. My route to uni has a couple of KILLER hills, and it’s 5.5km, so walking or riding on the first day of a reduced intake just seems like a less-than-intelligent idea.

I’ll let you know how I’m feeling after this.

I’m also looking into how much the entry cost is at our local aquatic centre – it’s indoor, so I could swim right through winter if it’s affordable. I don’t particularly like water, but I do find the process of doing laps to be quite soothing. Go figure :S Also, I’m still seriously considering the idea of going into the Navy, so I need to improve my swimming abilities to pass the fitness test.


New start?

Mental Health PSA: If diets are a trigger for you, please skip this post and any future posts tagged “5:2 diet”.

After a lot of humming and hawing, I’ve decided that I’m going to give the 5:2 diet a go.

I’ve been looking around for an eating plan that fits with my approach to food and is reasonably easy to fit around what Hubby will actually eat, as well as being something that I can manage on our rather small food budget. The end result I’m looking for is bit of weight loss, and an overall shift towards more consistently healthy meals (we tend to be rather red-meat heavy because that’s what Hubby prefers. I’m going to be aiming for more fish and the occasional vegetarian meal. He’ll probably accept the fish, but he probably won’t be too impressed with the vegetarian).

For those of you who have never heard of this diet, the basic premise is that you eat the recommended daily calories for 5 days a week (my recommended level is 1500-1800, depending on how active I am that day), with a reduced intake for the other 2 days (generally recommended as 500 for women).
I was a little hesitant about it at first (I was worried about the whole “starvation reflex” thing) but after speaking to a dietician friend about it, it’s actually a pretty good eating plan. It’s based on the idea that our bodies evolved in an environment where food was not readily available all the time, and our bodies still have not gotten accustomed to the constant food availability.
She said the most important thing was just to make sure I was planning my “fast day” foods so that I was getting a good amount of protein and veges on those days so that I wasn’t feeling hungry.

This seems like it might be the way for me to go, for the following reasons:

  • I seem to naturally do this anyway – I have days were I LITERALLY forget to eat, but I figure if I can plan those days, I’ll eat better foods than I do now on my impromptu “fast” days when I suddenly realise it’s 4pm and I haven’t had anything to eat since my morning coffee.
  • It gives the freedom to work around life – you can switch up your “fast” days, depending on what your week plan is.
  • There’s minimal calorie-counting associated with the non-fast days – most info I’ve read says that calorie counting on non-fast days isn’t really necessary, as long as you’re eating reasonably healthy foods and are aware of your portion sizes.
  • I don’t need to buy any special foods – I just work with whatever I have in the pantry/fridge/freezer to do the “fast day” meals, because there’s no special shakes or anything involved in it.
  • Weight loss – I’d like to lose a few more kg (currently 66kg, my goal weight is 60kg), and the weight loss associated with this diet is supposed to be easier to keep off, as it is based around a lifestyle change rather than weird things. Also, the diet gives “weight maintenance” recommendations for once you reach your goal weight; you can either double the calories on your fast days, or drop back to a 6:1 ratio.

I’ll try and give little run-downs of how I’m going with it all as I go along (partly to keep myself accountable).