F is for Food

I love food. I love eating it, cooking it, looking at it.

Food is awesome.

I don’t have a singular favourite food, as such. I love many things…

I’ve never been a big chocolate person, 1 or 2 pieces is enough for me usually. Cheese on the other hand – I can eat a whole wheel of camembert in one sitting, quite easily… Or smoked dutch cheese from the german food store nearby – that stuff is awesome.

Italian food is also very very very good. I love anything made on pasta, and PROPER pizza. Pizza shop pizza just doesn’t quite measure up.

Japanese food is also great (nothing is better while studying than miso soup and onigiri). I’ve got a whole stack of new recipes to try out 🙂

I am so glad I don’t have problems with gluten or dairy (like several of my friends), because I’d pretty much wipe out all my favourite foods 😦


E is for Engines

I am a petrol head. And proud of it 🙂

Where most people grow up with soccer, football, or cricket, I grew up with motorsports.

If it didn’t have 4 wheels and an engine, it wasn’t real sport, and the TV was not turned on for it.

I grew up watching various incarnations almost every weekend – WRC, F1s, V8s, you name it. My godfather is a guy that used to race with Dad, and now makes a living photographing races. This meant a lot of free tickets for us to races, which was absolutely fantastic!

I am now involved in an amateur racing set-up, and it’s awesome. Hearing an engine roar to life (particularly one like the v10 we were playing with the other night) is absolutely fantastic, and even better if you’ve had a hand in getting it running!

I know my way around an engine well enough to offer suggestions as to what may be wrong with something, and what needs to be done to sort out particular problems – I’m not much good when it comes to actually physically DOING the things though, I just don’t have the brute strength that is often required. I am very good at wiring however – tiny hands and fingers, combined with being short enough to comfortably climb under a dashboard lend themselves to the finer business of wiring looms 🙂

And this weekend WE ARE RACING THE THINGS 🙂 YAY I’m hoping I get to do at least 2 races in ‘my car’ (we have 2, one that is essentially small-person-sized and one that is more comfortable for people over 5’6″ – guess which one is ‘mine’ haha), maybe 3 if it doesn’t break again… We’ve recently had to replace the entire gearbox and clutch assembly, which was a much more difficult job that it really had to be, seeing as apparently it is a rather uncommon (and old) make of vehicle, which most wreckers haven’t even HEARD of, let alone seen. 4 gearboxes later, we finally found the right one (the previous 3 were from the same SORT of car, but several years newer  – and the newer cars apparently had significantly longer chassis. The first few were several inches too long to fit where the old one had been!). I can’t wait to run it with a properly working gearbox, it’s going to run so well!


D is for Depression

Not quite so positive as the previous letters… but no less true.

Depression has been ever present in my life for the past 10 years, along with anxiety, and neither of them look to be going away in any hurry.

Whether I am depressed because I am sick, or sick because I am depressed is something no doctor has ever been able to really determine, but I’ll stick by the justification that I am depressed because I am sick.

A complete physical inability to get yourself out of bed, or do more than the most basic of activities will tend to do that to a person, particularly when some of your favourite activities in the past were hiking, abseiling, rock climbing, and other such pursuits.

This was around the time when I rediscovered my crafty pursuits – knitting and crochet provide a similar feeling of achievement, without the ridiculously exhausting physical exertion. Also, even if you only do a few stitches or rows a week, you can see something growing and that’s great for mitigating the feeling of failure.

I’d been dealing with anxiety ever since Grade 2 & 3, when I was mercilessly bullied by a girl in my class at school. I changed schools at the start of Grade 4, but I’ve never quite gotten back the carefree little person I was before it all happened.

It comes and goes in waves – currently, I seem to be on the way up. The good days are more common, and the bad days aren’t as bad at the moment. But I know that a drop won’t be far behind – maybe it’ll be in a day, a week, a month – but it will come back. I’ve just got to make the most of the good days so that I can get through the bad ones without completely falling on my face.

When I’m working through a rash of really bad days, I drink more than is really healthy. Normally, I barely drink at all, and when I do it’s a couple of glasses of something at a social event (recent wedding being a deviation from my normal social drinking patterns – it was good wine). But when things aren’t going well, and particularly when Hubby is not around (if he’s away for work), I’ll drink a lot. My most recent bad run, which I’m only just coming up from, has meant that we are almost out of scotch. At Easter, we had 4 almost-full bottles of scotch. Now there’s 2 bottles left, both with only a couple of drinks worth in the bottom.

I know this is a maladaptive coping mechanism. I avoid it at all costs. I avoid alcohol as much as possible, so that when I do get in this sort of place, I only need 3 or 4 drinks before I’m comfortably muzzy, and everything starts to feel a little less, well, awful.


C is for Crafts… or maybe Cats…

I love my crafting – knitting, crochet, sewing. It is my stress relief and a creative outlet, and a way of making cool presents for friends and family (rather than buying them). Making pretty things makes me happy 🙂

I learned to knit when I was about 5 years old, but only seriously picked it up again once I got to high school. It worked fantastically to help with my anxiety, as the repetitive motion is very calming. I started doing crochet once I started uni, as it is much easier to crochet on a train and not elbow your neighbours, and also granny squares are much more portable than a jumper or an afghan.

And cats are little (or not-so-little) balls of awesome. I’m not sure what else can be said on the subject of cats…

IMG_1986 IMG_1796 20140807-165122-60682381.jpgMy little shadow haha 🙂




B is for Books

I’ve always been an avid reader – according to my Mum, I was reading by the time I started Kindy (not quite 4 years old). I really have no idea whether that is normal or not.

But it did start an ongoing love of reading. I would read under the blankets for hours after I was supposed to be asleep, and then once I got older and didn’t have a ‘set’ bedtime as such I still read until quite late at night. I walked into things A LOT because I’d always be reading instead of looking where I was going.

I particularly like sci-fi and fantasy genre books, but I’ll give anything a go at least once. ‘Brain stuff’ and other science-y topics fascinate me (e.g. Oliver Sacks – his books being a major reason behind why I want to go into psychiatry), and I also like biographies and historical fiction.

I’m currently working my way through my Terry Pratchett collection again, as some lightweight reading to help me relax from my uni work. Hubby may argue with me about the books being lightweight – he recently started reading “The Colour of Magic” and is finding it rather confusing. Which I find a bit strange considering how much he loves Douglas Adams and the weirdness that goes with HHGTTG, but you get that. I’ve directed him towards some of the ones that have slightly more straight-forward story lines (e.g. Going Postal, Guards! Guards!, and Pyramids). Hopefully once he’s got the hang of Terry Pratchett’s style he’ll enjoy the other stuff more – I really do love The Luggage 🙂

Another of my go-to easy-read favourites is LotR and The Hobbit. I’ve read both of them SOOOOOO many times I have them pretty much memorised, but they’re great for if I just want to melt into a familiar world and escape. Heck, I even taught myself to speak and write in Elvish in high school. I’ve forgotten most of it now, but I can still vaguely understand the bits they use in the movies. (NERD ALERT)

If I’m looking for an escape into another world read, I also often go back to the Wheel of Time series. It’s a huge series of seriously long books, and that’s fantastic. I’ve been thinking that I should re-read it because I was a little disappointed by the final book, but that might have been because I devoured it so quickly (I was a little impatient waiting for it to come out, and I read the book in 48hrs. I think I slept about 3 hours in that time).

I also love Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. I actually haven’t read any of his other books yet, and even this series took me several years to get to because I wasn’t sure I’d like it – HOW WRONG I WAS. The series is so up my alley it was a little bit spooky. Post-apocalyptic cowboy on a journey to save the world and avenge his past? I’ll take a double serving of that, thank you…

I’ve started reading ASOIAF twice so far, and each time I’ve gotten halfway through the second book and gotten busy with uni work and not read it for a month or so – then when I come back, I’ve forgotten what was happening with half the characters :S So I’m going to try it again over the xmas break when I won’t have Uni for 3 months.


A is for Anime

I saw this idea SOMEWHERE (really sorry, can’t remember where/what blog/when I saw it) and decided it might be a good idea. Basically, each letter is for something about yourself… I’ll probably do these on days when I can’t think of anything else to write about 🙂

So, A!

A is for Anime

Anime is awesome. So is Manga.

I was mildly obsessed in high school, but I’d been a huge fan of Sailor Moon forever – from long before I even knew what anime actually was. Sailor Moon is still awesome. Yay for the remakes 🙂

I’ve recently rediscovered my love of all things Anime/Manga, due to being rather sick again over the last few months and having watched all the DVDs we own. I may have maxed out our internet quota because of it (something that we’ve NEVER managed to do in the 6 years since we moved out).

I’ve also gotten my little sister into Sailor Moon – and I’ll probably be getting her some Cardcaptor Sakura books for her birthday this year too 🙂 (she’s turning 10 this year).

I’m about 2/3 of the way through the old Sailor Moon seasons, and I just finished InuYasha… next on the list are FullMetal Alchemist, Avatar, and Naruto 🙂