Thoughts for Valentine’s Day

For starters, I am once again at home – on my own.

3 years running.

The past 2 years, Hubby has been away for work. This year, he’s gone racing. I said that was alright, because he hadn’t been in almost a year and it’s the first meet of the new year.

BUT now I’m more than a little annoyed.

I asked for him to do 3 THINGS this week. 3 THINGS – and it’s not like they were hard.

  1. Install the dishwasher
  2. Change the kitty litter
  3. Empty the upstairs recycling bin into the big “rubbish collection” recycling bin.

90% of this was not accomplished.

The dishwasher is in the kitchen, but that’s it. It’s not connected, and I can’t use it. Why? Because where it was GOING to go, turns out it doesn’t fit. So we had to rework a few things, and this now means that the drainage hose is not long enough (10cm! That’s all! 10 FUCKING cm!), and he’s going to have to cut a hole in the wall between the “where it was supposed to go” cupboard and “where it actually is now” cupboard. Why didn’t it fit? Because GENIUS HUBBY only measured the depth and the width – he didn’t measure the height. Sure, the cupboard is deep enough, and it’s wide enough too. The very important thing that he missed was that the pipe from the sink comes down about 1cm too low to fit the bloody dishwasher underneath! So I do not have a dishwasher that works until we can get a new drainage hose. I asked him several times if he was sure it would fit, and he was all like “yeah I’ve measured it all up”.

I asked him on Wednesday night, Thursday night, AND Friday night to please change the kitty litter. I only asked once each day, because I don’t want to nag. He left very early this morning, and when I got up THE KITTY LITTER HADN’T BEEN DONE. So I did it, because it was really stinky.

I also asked him on Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday nights to take the recycling down to the bin. Once again, I woke up this morning and IT WASN’T DONE.


I don’t want to nag him about this shit, but it’s not like I’m asking a lot – the only other bloody things he does are cleaning the shower (and that’s purely out of necessity – the bathroom is so small that if I try, the cleaners give me a cracker migraine. And it’s not like he does that without being reminded – I have to catch him as he’s getting in the shower and give him the cleaning stuff or it would never get done) and the lawn. THAT’S IT. I do EVERYTHING else.

And he couldn’t even do THOSE THREE THINGS.

And it’s also not the first time this has happened. 50% of the time, I end up doing the kitty litter, because I remind him 2 nights straight and then I just can’t live with the smell for a third day so I do it. The recycling bin ends up overflowing most weeks, because I WILL NOT take it down when it is his job. I did it today because it was already overflowing and my Mum was coming over.

On top of all this, my desk lamp isn’t fixed yet. It’s only broken because he wasn’t careful when he put it in the truck when we moved (it got squashed by box, and the neck has broken off the base), and I’ve been asking him for the past 3 weeks to please fix it so I can have my lamp back on my desk. Buying a new one is currently out of the question because it cost $75 when I bought it, and we totally don’t have $75 just lying around. I currently have his desk lamp, but it’s cheap and doesn’t give good light, so I really need mine back. I need my lamp, because I’m back at uni soon and I need enough light so I can read my books without getting eyestrain.

So this is not a polar reaction to a one-off event. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back.



But for some reason, despite being mad at him, I still got around to sorting out a present for him – I discovered that for only a few dollars more per month than we’re currently paying for his phone, I could get a tablet for him and have it linked to the same data as his phone. So I did that today, and the tablet is all set up and ready to go. It’s partly for Valentine’s day, and partly because his old one is officially cactus, so he no longer has a tablet (battery died). So I decided earlier in the week that I would do it while I was at the shops with Mum today, so that I could surprise him with it when he gets back. I was tossing up whether to even bother this morning, but then I realised – I may be pissed off at him, but I don’t want us to go without all the luxuries when we can afford some of them (see this post about how I feel guilty about not working to help pay for said luxuries).

He’s going to get a talking to about the lack of assistance around the house before he even knows the tablet exists though. Because I am TOTALLY NOT IMPRESSED about this.

I’m back at uni in a couple of weeks, and I won’t have time to be FUCKING AROUND with this SHIT, because I will actually have to devote more hours to uni than he does to work.

He better be bloody fucking grateful for the tablet, and he has some SERIOUS making up to do.