What a weekend…

A great weekend, despite the fact that neither car seemed to want to actually RACE with me driving. I’d get around the practice track a few times, then line up in marshalling… Then the cars wouldn’t start again. Cue lots of swearing and hitting of steering wheels.

Great weekend otherwise though – we came second in our vehicle class 🙂 (thanks to the rest of the drivers – obviously my attempts didn’t count for much)

I walked almost 50km between 4pm Friday and 4pm Monday. It doesn’t seem like that much when you average it out, but the only flat land on the site was the camping ground and the pit area. Lots of walking up and down hills to watch events – and now my legs are soooo sore. If I haven’t lost a couple of kilos, I’m going to be very disappointed.

I think I need to get a bigger frypan – though I’m not sure they make bigger ones! 15 people’s worth of spaghetti sauce only barely fits in the one I’ve got at the moment.

Now for the fun part of unpacking and washing everything before it gets put away for next time…


P.S. sorry for not queueing up many posts – I had the best intentions, but the combination of uni work and packing for the weekend meant I didn’t have time to write.

E is for Engines

I am a petrol head. And proud of it 🙂

Where most people grow up with soccer, football, or cricket, I grew up with motorsports.

If it didn’t have 4 wheels and an engine, it wasn’t real sport, and the TV was not turned on for it.

I grew up watching various incarnations almost every weekend – WRC, F1s, V8s, you name it. My godfather is a guy that used to race with Dad, and now makes a living photographing races. This meant a lot of free tickets for us to races, which was absolutely fantastic!

I am now involved in an amateur racing set-up, and it’s awesome. Hearing an engine roar to life (particularly one like the v10 we were playing with the other night) is absolutely fantastic, and even better if you’ve had a hand in getting it running!

I know my way around an engine well enough to offer suggestions as to what may be wrong with something, and what needs to be done to sort out particular problems – I’m not much good when it comes to actually physically DOING the things though, I just don’t have the brute strength that is often required. I am very good at wiring however – tiny hands and fingers, combined with being short enough to comfortably climb under a dashboard lend themselves to the finer business of wiring looms 🙂

And this weekend WE ARE RACING THE THINGS 🙂 YAY I’m hoping I get to do at least 2 races in ‘my car’ (we have 2, one that is essentially small-person-sized and one that is more comfortable for people over 5’6″ – guess which one is ‘mine’ haha), maybe 3 if it doesn’t break again… We’ve recently had to replace the entire gearbox and clutch assembly, which was a much more difficult job that it really had to be, seeing as apparently it is a rather uncommon (and old) make of vehicle, which most wreckers haven’t even HEARD of, let alone seen. 4 gearboxes later, we finally found the right one (the previous 3 were from the same SORT of car, but several years newer  – and the newer cars apparently had significantly longer chassis. The first few were several inches too long to fit where the old one had been!). I can’t wait to run it with a properly working gearbox, it’s going to run so well!