I finished a blanket for Hubby for on the couch (since I made mine last year, he keeps stealing it so I made one for him).

It appears that Jacket is incredibly appreciative of it, at least… 

I don’t think Hubby has really gotten to use it yet lol


Long Weekend – Life update

This weekend, I’m planning on catching up on all my homework/etc that I’ve gotten a little behind with so far this semester, as well as catching up on the cleaning that had gotten behind. I’ve also got our mid-semester break this week, so I’ve got the rest of the week to get everything all sorted.

Yesterday, I did 4 loads of washing (sheets, towels, and 2 lots of clothes). Now they’re all sitting in baskets in the loungeroom waiting to be folded. I’ll probably get to that tonight. I also did 3 loads through our baby dishwasher, and then promptly used most of the pots and mixing bowls again to make dinner. So now I need to do them all again haha.

Today, I’m trying to catch up on the readings that I’ve missed so far this semester. There’s a few, getting sick & having those couple of migraines has really set me back.


my study buddy is happy that today is a study day haha

It’s been so wet here this week, I haven’t been able to ride my bike to uni because it’s been raining, or on the days it isn’t raining the creek has been knee-deep over the bike path. Hubby has been dropping me off and picking me up every day. I wish it would stop raining, I’ve been really enjoying riding to uni 😦

Sorry about the lack of Tutorial Tuesdays and Foodie Fridays, uni + sick = not a lot of time. I’ll hopefully start getting back on track with them after the break, but I’ll have to see how things go.



New lunchbox!

I ordered my new lunchbox last night!

I have been um-ing and ah-ing over getting it for the last 3 months, because Hubby’s new job meant that a few things changed in our routine – namely that Hubby is now taking lunch to work because he actually gets a lunch break. So he’s been using my lunchbox, which is totally fine (because I’m on holidays so I wasn’t using it), but it meant that I would have to buy another, so we would both be able to take packed lunches to uni/work.

After much thought and discussion, Hubby said he was happy with the one he’s using (it’s big enough to fit 2 sandwiches or wraps into, along with a few sweet treats), and that I should look at a new lunchbox.

After also tossing up between the two different sizes of the same style of bento box/lunchbox that I liked on Amazon (for pretty much the past month), I ordered this one (the larger of the 2 options). Isn’t it just the cutest?


I liked it for several reasons

  1. because CAT
  2. it has 2 separate compartments as well as a bowl on top – I really wanted one that had a bowl incorporated into the design, because I like to have instant soup or miso soup as a “snack” (particularly good for when you’re in a freezing lecture theatre for 4 hrs straight)
  3. the larger size means that I can pack a little more food on long uni days, and less on days where I’m only there for a couple of hours
  4. it’s a good size and shape to fit in my handbag along with my thermos.

Due to now being in a position again where it will actually be worthwhile for me to make proper lunches again, some of the recipes I share on the Foodie Fridays posts will probably tend a little more towards the Japanese bento genre – I got most of my recipes off JustBento, and I can’t wait until I sell some of my old textbooks so I can buy her recipe book!
I used to make bentos all the time for my lunch, but I just got lazy in the second half of last year and I’m really looking forward to doing them again 🙂

I am SOOOO ready for the new semester to start already, I just want to get on with everything! I can’t believe it’s a whole month to go before Uni starts back, I’m honestly getting bored – I’ve read the first chapter of all my new textbooks already. I’m not sure whether that means I’m a nerd or a bookworm…

Bring on the new year! It doesn’t really feel like it’s started until I’m back at uni :S


I Hate Mondays

So the things that happened today that made this a typical Monday:

Firstly, my dryer tied up the towels inside the doona cover

Don’t ask me how it happened, but they’d twisted up INSIDE the doona cover. It took me almost half an hour to untangle them all. And they were still all wet, so I had to put them through the dryer again (doona cover separate this time).

Then, Jacket decided to go roll in the dust patch outside, then “help” me with the folding.

Can you spot him? Guess what, my white shirt was the last thing I put on that pile too.

Finally, while cutting onions for dinner I sliced my thumb. Blood everywhere, I made a terrible mess of a tea towel. And the first aid kit hasn’t been unpacked yet and I don’t have a CLUE where it is – it took me the better part of 15mins to find a bandaid, all while running around with my hand wrapped in a tea towel. Hubby was no help at all :S now the tea towel is soaking in the laundry sink, hopefully the blood comes out (I just happened to pick up the WHITE tea towel, because it was closest). Yay for bleach.

And I still need to make Hubby’s lunch for tomorrow. Hopefully that’s my 3 things (bad luck always comes in 3s) and I can get on with everything!

Slightly more positive note, I went and got my library card sorted out at my local library – and now I have books to read 🙂 2 knitting/crochet books, 2 cook books, and 2 science-y recreational reads 🙂

I still hate Mondays though.