Epic Cake Fail

So yeah, that didn’t quite go as expected :S

Apparently (according to Dr Google), I was too impatient – I’m used to using metal forms, which you only leave the cake in for about 10-15mins MAX before turning it out. For silicon forms, you have to let it cool completely.


Cake still tastes really good though 🙂 Now I know how to use a silicon form, I will make a much nicer looking cake next time.

This is just the start of my Christmas baking, so there will be much more to come 🙂 My brothers-in-law (brother-in-laws?) are getting baked goods as Christmas presents this year (their wives have not been helpful in gift suggestions, except to say “no alcohol”. So I am baking – because they all love their food haha).

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It has begun…

I’ve started making Christmas presents… Here’s the progress so far:



I didn’t use a pattern for this one, seeing as I was just making a pretty simple beanie – Just knitted until it looked about the right size, then decreased it down to the end.



For my Nan (matches a pair of fingerless gloves I made her earlier in the year)

Pattern is this, it’s supposed to be a beret but it didn’t really turn out like that – so I figured a beanie would work too. It was probably because I used needles about 2 sizes smaller than the pattern specifies, because I’ve only got 2 sizes of double points (2.25mm & 3.25mm). I will be rectifying this problem once I have some spare spending money.