Technological thoughts…

I have just discovered that the Handoff feature I’ve been so looking forward to in OS X Yosemite probably won’t work on my MacBook Pro because it doesn’t have BlueTooth LE capabilities (I bought the damn thing new in 2012, but apparently it’s the 2011 model. Which didn’t have BlueTooth LE. GRRRRRR).

Apparently, beta testers have found that adding a BT4.0 dongle is not sufficient to get Handoff working (1, 2), but that all the other Continuity features still work. I’m rather annoyed because Handoff works on both my iPhone and iPad, and I was looking forward to the easy switching. Would make life much easier for if I’m working on something on the train on my way home from Uni, then when I get home I can swap to using my Mac. BUT NOOOOOOOOOO. The only positive I can see about the Beta testers not being able to get it to work is that there are people out there who are programmers, and are using laptops as old (or older) than mine. Which hopefully means that someone (if not Apple themselves) may come up with some work-around.

I will be heading to the Apple Store at some point with my MacBook in the hopes that I can get the BT card upgraded, but I have a feeling I may need to DIY it – which I am not looking forward to. My computer still works fantastically after the 2 years of heavy use (which is more than could be said for all the PCs I have owned previously) and I don’t want an amateur (read: Hubby) stuffing around with the insides in case it suddenly DOESN’T work any more.

And as much as the new MacBooks are pretty and all, I don’t have the almost $4,000 to replace my current one with the equivalent newer version (the one I’ve got was the top-of-the-range version, with all the added bonuses – extra HDD memory, better graphics card etc etc). And IT STILL WORKS FANTASTICALLY. I don’t WANT to replace it! I just want Handoff to work.

I think there’s a computer place nearby that does modifications, I might also pop in there and see if they can do anything. At least if they kill my computer they’ve got insurance to cover the damage and either replace or fix it.

I understand that getting people to buy new tech is how companies like Apple make their money, but seriously? It’s not like I’m trying to use an obsolete system or anything. And previously, I did upgrade my technology about every 2 years. It’s just that now, we can’t really afford to do that. And there’s no REASON to do it when everything still works.

I guess I can live without Handoff on my Mac if there’s no way to get it to work, but I’m still a little annoyed about it. I suppose I’ll get over that though.