How to fix a split nail

Today, I’m going to show you how to fix a split nail. The sort where it splits all the way down into the nail bed, so you can’t just cut/rip it off. (The pictures are of my thumb nail, which I sliced the other day – see this post for the story!)

Allow AT LEAST 45mins to complete this – you will want to make sure that the polish is completely dry after you are finished, so that you don’t undo all the work.

You will need:

  • A tissue
  • A nail file
  • Clear nail polish (I use the one shown in the image because it dries quickly and gives a good, strong finish. Any clear polish will do)


Step 1:
Lightly file/buff your nail, to give a slightly rough surface. This will help the nail polish and tissue stick.


Step 2:
Tissues are usually plied – separate the ply. You will only need 1 of the sheets.

IMG_2110.JPG Once you’ve done that, rip off a few small pieces (make sure they are big enough to cover the split area of your nail, with some to spare).


Step 3:
Paint a layer of polish on the whole nail, then stick on a piece of tissue while it is still wet. Wiggle it around a bit to get it in the right position, and gently dab down any sections that aren’t fully wet with the nail polish (you will want to get most of the polish off the brush first, so that it isn’t dripping or you’ll make a huge mess). Don’t worry if bits of tissue stick off the end of your nail, we’ll fix that at the end.


Step 4:
Repeat Step 3 until you have 3 layers of tissue on your nail. Allow each layer of polish/tissue to dry to tacky before doing the next one. Allow nail to dry COMPLETELY before proceeding to Step 5.


Step 5:
Make sure the polish is completely dry, then gently file back the bits of tissue sticking off the end of the nail. If the polish isn’t completely dry when you do this, you run the risk of the tissue lifting off your nail.


Step 6:
Paint one final layer of polish onto the nail, and make sure you seal the tip by running the brush around the edge. This helps stop the polish from lifting/chipping at the tip. Allow to dry completely before touching anything!


I usually allow at least 30mins at the end of this to let the polish dry all the way (even though it’s “quick dry”), because I somehow manage to smudge it otherwise.

This generally lasts at least 2 days – 1 week, depending on what kind of work I’m doing. If I’m cleaning or doing other “manual labour” sort of things, it will generally last about 2 days before it begins to chip/peel. If I’m just studying/on my computer, it can last up to a week.

You’ll need to keep doing this until the nail grows out far enough that you can remove the cracked section.


Pretty sparkles


I had a K-Mart voucher that I got for my birthday – so I went and got some pretty nail polish to celebrate getting my assignments finished. I did 2 coats of grey on all but my ring fingers, then put 1 coat of glitter over the grey. Ring fingers just have 2 coats of glitter.

I also bought this GORGEOUS pair of mint green shorts – I am considering whether I wear them for uni tomorrow, seeing as I’ll have to shave my legs for that and I’m at my Mum’s house this week, and I forgot my razor… First world problems :S

I am kicking myself for not bringing my OTHER K-Mart voucher with me though, because the shorts also came in apricot, khaki, and black, and I want them all! I need new shorts anyway, all my old ones have either fallen apart or don’t fit me any more.

I will be going back to get them (even though the closest K-Mart to my house is 1/2 hr dive away), they are EXACTLY what I like in a pair of shorts – not too short or long, decent weight of fabric (but not denim-heavy, which is WAAAAY too hot for our summers) and not too tight 🙂 I am fussy about my shorts.