Side blog!

Hi everyone

I’ve recently started teaching myself Japanese, and I’ve decided that rather than flood this blog with random posts about that (and journal posts that aren’t in English), I’d start up a little side blog for that.

The blog is called Watashi wa Kei desu, which translates as “I am Kei(K)”.

I haven’t done any posts over there yet, but I thought I’d let you guys know that the blog is there, and that it will be growing very soon!


Long-term To-do List

I have decided that my “project” for my Summer/Christmas uni break this year is going to be “Re-learn Japanese”.

I say re-learn, because I learned the language at school (only up until grade 9 though), and I did pretty well, but now I’ve forgotten quite a lot.

However, I’m still tossing up whether I should do Japanese (which I WANT to do) or Chinese (which may be more useful). There’s a rather large Chinese population in my area, so that might be a more useful language (e.g. for working as a nurse at a local hospital). I’ll think about it, I can also do a Diploma of Languages through my uni, so I might look at that for after I’ve finished my Nursing degree.

There’s always the “you could do both”… I’ll think about it.

The main thing is that if I do Chinese, I can probably get help from Mum’s international students (she’s mostly had Chinese students, only 1 Japanese student). If I do Japanese, I’ll have to try and find someone to help me. BUT I’ve wanted to do Japanese again pretty much since I finished high school, I just haven’t had time.

Decisions decisions