Reading Challenge 2015

I saw on The Broke and the Bookish about this Reading Challenge that Jamie is going to do, and I thought I might do it too! I’ll just have to work out which books I’ll do for each one 🙂 That will be another post though, once I’ve had time to work it out.


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I Hate Mondays

So the things that happened today that made this a typical Monday:

Firstly, my dryer tied up the towels inside the doona cover

Don’t ask me how it happened, but they’d twisted up INSIDE the doona cover. It took me almost half an hour to untangle them all. And they were still all wet, so I had to put them through the dryer again (doona cover separate this time).

Then, Jacket decided to go roll in the dust patch outside, then “help” me with the folding.

Can you spot him? Guess what, my white shirt was the last thing I put on that pile too.

Finally, while cutting onions for dinner I sliced my thumb. Blood everywhere, I made a terrible mess of a tea towel. And the first aid kit hasn’t been unpacked yet and I don’t have a CLUE where it is – it took me the better part of 15mins to find a bandaid, all while running around with my hand wrapped in a tea towel. Hubby was no help at all :S now the tea towel is soaking in the laundry sink, hopefully the blood comes out (I just happened to pick up the WHITE tea towel, because it was closest). Yay for bleach.

And I still need to make Hubby’s lunch for tomorrow. Hopefully that’s my 3 things (bad luck always comes in 3s) and I can get on with everything!

Slightly more positive note, I went and got my library card sorted out at my local library – and now I have books to read 🙂 2 knitting/crochet books, 2 cook books, and 2 science-y recreational reads 🙂

I still hate Mondays though.


The lure of an old familiar…

I know I said that I would be reading the whole ASOIAF series this summer… But while packing up my books, I couldn’t resist the siren call of a familiar world – and now I’m reading the Wheel of Time series again.

Some people never read a book twice. I have a different approach. Some books/series offer me the escape from reality I so desperately need some days, and those are the books I’ll read more than once. The books/series I would put in this category are:

  • Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling)
  • Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit (J.R.R. Tolkien)
  • The Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan)
  • The Belgariad & The Malloreon (and attached others from the series) (David Eddings)
  • A small handful of Dianna Wynne Jones books that I’ve got (Hexwood, The Magicians Apprentice, and Fire & Hemlock are my favourites)
  • All Terry Pratchett books
  • The Dark Tower series (Stephen King)
  • Outlander series (Diana Gabaldon)

I am clearly a fantasy nerd – and the thicker the books, the better. Once I eventually get around to reading ASOIAF, I’m sure it will also get added to this list. There are a few of these series that I don’t own personally, and if I feel the need to re-read them I have to track them down in the library – but I am working on fleshing out my collection so that I own all of the books that I like to re-read. I also tend to have all of these in hardcopy – because these are the books that I’ve decided are worth keeping.


B is for Books

I’ve always been an avid reader – according to my Mum, I was reading by the time I started Kindy (not quite 4 years old). I really have no idea whether that is normal or not.

But it did start an ongoing love of reading. I would read under the blankets for hours after I was supposed to be asleep, and then once I got older and didn’t have a ‘set’ bedtime as such I still read until quite late at night. I walked into things A LOT because I’d always be reading instead of looking where I was going.

I particularly like sci-fi and fantasy genre books, but I’ll give anything a go at least once. ‘Brain stuff’ and other science-y topics fascinate me (e.g. Oliver Sacks – his books being a major reason behind why I want to go into psychiatry), and I also like biographies and historical fiction.

I’m currently working my way through my Terry Pratchett collection again, as some lightweight reading to help me relax from my uni work. Hubby may argue with me about the books being lightweight – he recently started reading “The Colour of Magic” and is finding it rather confusing. Which I find a bit strange considering how much he loves Douglas Adams and the weirdness that goes with HHGTTG, but you get that. I’ve directed him towards some of the ones that have slightly more straight-forward story lines (e.g. Going Postal, Guards! Guards!, and Pyramids). Hopefully once he’s got the hang of Terry Pratchett’s style he’ll enjoy the other stuff more – I really do love The Luggage 🙂

Another of my go-to easy-read favourites is LotR and The Hobbit. I’ve read both of them SOOOOOO many times I have them pretty much memorised, but they’re great for if I just want to melt into a familiar world and escape. Heck, I even taught myself to speak and write in Elvish in high school. I’ve forgotten most of it now, but I can still vaguely understand the bits they use in the movies. (NERD ALERT)

If I’m looking for an escape into another world read, I also often go back to the Wheel of Time series. It’s a huge series of seriously long books, and that’s fantastic. I’ve been thinking that I should re-read it because I was a little disappointed by the final book, but that might have been because I devoured it so quickly (I was a little impatient waiting for it to come out, and I read the book in 48hrs. I think I slept about 3 hours in that time).

I also love Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. I actually haven’t read any of his other books yet, and even this series took me several years to get to because I wasn’t sure I’d like it – HOW WRONG I WAS. The series is so up my alley it was a little bit spooky. Post-apocalyptic cowboy on a journey to save the world and avenge his past? I’ll take a double serving of that, thank you…

I’ve started reading ASOIAF twice so far, and each time I’ve gotten halfway through the second book and gotten busy with uni work and not read it for a month or so – then when I come back, I’ve forgotten what was happening with half the characters :S So I’m going to try it again over the xmas break when I won’t have Uni for 3 months.


I have come to the conclusion…

… that e-books have just made buying books way too easy. Which is a bad thing, when I have about 4GB of UNREAD books sitting on my iPad already. And I want MORE.

I’m as bad on the Kindle and Apple book stores as I am in REAL book stores – I poke around all over the place, adding books to my wish list. Most of which I manage to remind myself I don’t need RIGHT AT THIS POINT, seeing as I have WAY too many books already to read, and I don’t really have that much time for recreational reading (except for summer time, when I don’t have uni and it’s just too bloody hot to do anything else). And while ebooks are cheaper than paper books, they can still cost a fair bit.

At least I have some restraint – or all our food budget would be going on books :S

Amazingly, I have more restraint online than I do in a real book shop – I guess because as a general rule, if I add something to my wish list, it’s going to be there when I come back for it (whenever that is). But in a real book shop, sometimes you’ll find a book that you’d like, and because you might not ever find it again, you buy it.

You know you’re a bookaholic when Hubby says (without even thinking about it) “No we’re not going in there” every time we walk past a book shop.