My laptop decided that its New Years resolution was to die.

Apparently, the logic board is fried. This is a very expensive item to replace.

So I won’t be able to post much until one of two things happens – it gets fixed, or I get a new laptop. It will probably be a couple of weeks before we sort out either of those, seeing as it is my uni holidays and I don’t strictly need the laptop right now.

The 4 weeks leading up to today are officially just BAD. Hopefully 2016 improves quickly.


Oh lordy…

I have the worst headache I’ve had in AGES today and I have no idea why.

It started this afternoon, about 3ish, so maybe it was from my lunch? I bought some skinless cocktail franks (so I could make octopus franks – yes, I’m an adult I swear) and I’ve never bought them before, so maybe there is something in those that is not my friend? I’ll have to recheck the ingredient list, I thought they would be OK.

I just want to try and sleep it off, but I can’t because it hurts even when I’m lying down. I’ve taken some painkillers, but I might have to dig out the ‘big guns’ soon.

I’m currently contemplating a dose of caffeine – it helps when I get a migraine, so maybe it will help now.

One positive though – it ISN’T a migraine!


Long-term To-do List

I have decided that my “project” for my Summer/Christmas uni break this year is going to be “Re-learn Japanese”.

I say re-learn, because I learned the language at school (only up until grade 9 though), and I did pretty well, but now I’ve forgotten quite a lot.

However, I’m still tossing up whether I should do Japanese (which I WANT to do) or Chinese (which may be more useful). There’s a rather large Chinese population in my area, so that might be a more useful language (e.g. for working as a nurse at a local hospital). I’ll think about it, I can also do a Diploma of Languages through my uni, so I might look at that for after I’ve finished my Nursing degree.

There’s always the “you could do both”… I’ll think about it.

The main thing is that if I do Chinese, I can probably get help from Mum’s international students (she’s mostly had Chinese students, only 1 Japanese student). If I do Japanese, I’ll have to try and find someone to help me. BUT I’ve wanted to do Japanese again pretty much since I finished high school, I just haven’t had time.

Decisions decisions