Procrastination and deep thoughts…

So, apparently you choose your favourite characters because they remind you of yourself…

And I’m trying to decide whether I should be concerned about my choices…

Maybe the more interesting thing about this is that I don’t really have that many that I’d call ‘favourites’ – mostly, I’m equally OK with all the characters (or mildly dislike them. I don’t think I’ve come across a character I absolutely hate yet).

The list?

  • Donna (Doctor Who) – though Clara is quickly closing in
  • Hermione & Luna
  • Daenerys (ASOIAF)
  • Nynaeve (Wheel of Time)
  • Kaylee (Firefly)
  • Sam (Stargate SG-1)
  • Kate (NCIS) – Ziva is OK, but I liked Kate better
  • Largo & Erika (MegaTokyo – read webcomic here) – both as a couple and as individual characters
  • Sheldon (Big Bang Theory)

There aren’t many male characters on this list – mainly because if I really think about why I like a male character, it tends to be because I think he’s reasonably attractive and if I were single and someone with that kind of personality turned up, I’d date him… Which really seems to put them in a very different category lol… And the ones who don’t fit in that category, I like a particular female character better anyway.

Some of them, I know why I like them. Most though, I really don’t know.

Hermione – I think I like her because this is what I was like when I first read the books, and I really wish I could get back to that sometimes. Luna is just awesome, end of story. Weird is cool.

Largo – I like him as a character for comic relief. I started reading this way back in high school, and as much as I wouldn’t really have originally put him into the category that most of the male characters I “like” go into, he possibly belongs there anyway… Because Hubby is a redhead with a talent for blowing things up and a liking (and talent) for all things technological. I couldn’t really say what draws me to Erika… But I think that’s one I’d rather not think about…

Sheldon – People are not his thing. And I totally get that.

Nynaeve – I have an explosive temper and little patience for idiots or time wasters. Also, I want to study medicine – even though I’m a little older going into the training than most people. The most interesting thing? I first read this in high school, when I didn’t really have any idea what I wanted to do with my life (and hadn’t even CONSIDERED medicine as a career) – and Nynaeve was always my favourite character.

The rest, I think it just comes down to “strong, smart, determined women” – though I’m not sure if this is something I actually AM, or just what I want to be…

And now I REALLY should get back to doing my assignments…


Another app that I use! – Wolfram Alpha

So, this is probably going to sound a bit nerdy – but Wolfram Alpha really is awesome.

I actually bought this app (rather than waiting for it go come up as a free one) and it has definitely been worth the $4 it cost! It’s available on both iTunes and Google Play (slightly cheaper on Google Play).

It’s been an absolute life saver for my attempts at revisiting Maths B and Chemistry – I can type in a maths formula/equation, and it explains how to work it out – fantastic for when the BOB answers just give you the final result, not the working notes. I’ve only used it a little for Chemistry so far, but it’s been equally fantastic.

If you want to check it out before you buy it, this is the website. I use the app (mainly on my iPad) because on the website you need ‘pro’ access to see working notes etc for the maths things – whereas it seems that buying the app automatically gives you ‘pro’ access.

Typing maths formulas can feel a bit weird to start with, because you really need to over-use brackets to make it all come out correctly, but you get used to it pretty quickly.


A watched pot never boils…

I wonder if this saying actually started off meaning what everyone thinks it does today…

Because really, a watched pot does boil – but an unwatched pot not only boils, but boils over and makes a mess.

So does this saying really mean “leave it alone and it will happen on it’s own”, or does it actually mean “keep an eye on things or it could all get ruined”…

Oh the philosophical thoughts that come about when one is waiting for the kettle to boil…


Long day…

So, I think it’s going to be a long day.

Hubby hasn’t left for his work trip yet, because of a snafu at work. And because of this snafu, we don’t actually know when he’ll be leaving – or how long he’ll be gone for. He might could be away for as much as a month when he eventually leaves, but we’re not actually going to know until he is already gone.

I have an assignment due on Monday, and then a second one due the following week. I’m making reasonable progress on the first one, but I’ve barely even started the second one. I’m still a couple of weeks behind on my Maths & Chemistry bridging courses, so I’ve got to get down and get going on those – but not until I’ve done my assignments.

I’m feeling fairly motivated to get it all done, but I definitely need more coffee first. COFFFFEEEEEEE….



A passing comment from a friend hits home sometimes.

A male friend of mine saw some photos from my sister’s wedding, and made the comment of “Wow, she’s way too hot to be your sister”. Followed by “She looks a lot like your Mum… You don’t really look like them though”.

I’ve always thought that I got the short end of the stick anyway (even before gaining a heap of weight – 20kg in 3 months. Thanks migraine meds)… But it’s always a shock when someone else says it. Somehow, the combination of everything that my sister has ended up with just ‘works’ better. And seeing as I’m opposed to any unnecessary surgery, I’m stuck with what I’ve got. Which really sucks sometimes. (One of those days when I keep thinking “what I wouldn’t give to be like Tonks”.) (HP reference. If you don’t get it, read the books.)

I keep telling myself that it will all change once I lose a few more kgs, or my hair grows out, or I overhaul my wardrobe… But I know that while those things may help, the biggest part is dealing with the fact that I don’t feel good about myself anyway. And until I can change how I see myself, nothing is going to make that much of a difference.

It’s amazing how much of an effect one comment can have. I was feeling pretty good about myself until then, really.


Study Jam!

I love ‘natural silence’ (like wind-in-the-trees, birds, rain, white noise) when I’m just chilling out (right now, the only sound other than me typing is some white noise from my little fan heater), but when I’m studying I really need something with a bit of a beat to keep me going – otherwise I zen-out and suddenly realise I’ve spent 20mins staring at my book thinking about anything BUT studying.

So I’ve got a few different Pandora stations that I use, depending on how I feel that day.

Carmelldansen Radio – upbeat, this is the station I referred to in this post. Great for days when I need a little extra motivation. Also a great station for when I’m cleaning the house. This one has lyrics for a lot of the songs, so it may not be great for you if you find lyrics distracting (though they are mainly languages other than english).

Electronic for Studying Radio – great for days when I just need a bit of a boost. No lyrics (or at least, not that I’ve noticed at any point).

Assassins Creed Radio – good background music. Just the right mix of zen and upbeat for days when I’m pretty motivated already and just need a little something in the background. Mostly lyric-free.


Happy :)

Because if these don’t make your day, I don’t know what will 🙂

So clearly, I have watched far too much Inuyasha and Furuba over the last few days… and my study jam has been a Pandora station based on “Caramelldansen (Speedycake Remix)”.

Nothing like a bit of DDR-style music to get the motivation up XD

*dancing along while studying*


My cat and I…

I have come to realise that there is probably a very good reason that I’m a ‘cat person’.

My cat has a few people that he likes, and is happy to be friendly with. Everyone else, he runs away and hides under the bed until they’re gone. And he rarely likes someone on first meeting them (with a couple of notable exceptions).

This is SOOOOO like me.

And everyone thinks I’m weird if I say that I prefer the company of my cat to other humans sometimes…

Oh well, the life of a chronic introvert I guess :S


Busy busy study study


Miso soup and hot chocolate to help my homework on its way

Looking at my post from last night, apparently when I’m tipsy I write like I talk – obscenely smiley and happy :S And giggly. VERY giggly. To the great amusement of the rest of the table. It was good wine too – I’ll be getting that again!

Remarkably, the wine I drank last night had no effects this morning, so I tried to get straight into the study. Easier said than done.

It’s been one of those rainy days that are better suited to curling up in a blanket with a good book than to sitting at a desk and studying, but after a massive mug of coffee I managed to drag myself to my desk and start reviewing my notes from last week’s lectures – and once I got going, it was much easier to continue. I’ve watched a few Fruits Basket episodes during the day for study breaks (hence the miso, haha).

Hubby went for a nap at 1pm when he got home from work, and he’s still asleep… I’m tossing up whether I go and wake him up and see whether he wants dinner, or just let him sleep and keep on with my homework (and just do dinner for me when I feel like it).

The other question being “WTF AM I GOING TO MAKE?!?!” – I’ll happily make something vegetarian for me, but Hubby doesn’t like dinners that don’t include meat :S And we’re kind of out of meat (because I bought a 2kg bulk pack of mince at the start of the month because it was on special, thinking “I’ll portion that up in a couple of days when I get a chance”. I didn’t read the use-by date and by the time I got to portioning it up 2 days later, it was all gross). Must remember to read use-by dates.

I should probably stop procrastinating and get back to my readings…