So, we all know how excited I was about Outlander as a TV show…

I have a confession to make.

I have the last 3 episodes of that season still sitting, unwatched, on my iPad.

Why are they still there, after 3 months of university holidays?

Because I know what happens. And with the brilliant way that the rest of the season has been done, I honestly don’t know if I can bring myself to actually watch them. For a lot of the last few chapters, READING it was bad enough and I could sort of half block it out while still getting the main points. That’s not possible when you’re watching it.

So I just don’t know if I can do it. I’ll have to make a decision soon though, because season 2 is not far off!



Right, so instead of the regular “Foodie Friday” post, this week I decided to share this video with you.

I made this for lunch for myself this week, and it is SO YUMMY. But mine ended up looking like chunky fried rice (I epically failed at the whole “getting stuff onto the omelette” part) so I thought the original video with an amusing Ryosuke would be better (both for the recipe, the amusement, and what the food is actually supposed to look like).

NB – I halved the recipe, because I was only making it for me.



Chaos has begun again…

So I’m back to spending whole days at the computer.

And it’s still 3 weeks until I go back to uni!

So why am I at the computer, you ask?

Some of you may remember this post from mid-last year, when I orchestrated the majority of a stage show in the 2 weeks before opening night (yay for volunteer/not-for-profit events :S).

This year, I made it clear that I would do as much of it as possible before I started back at uni, so I only have to do a handful of songs (if any) at crunch time.

I have finally gotten sheet music for the majority of the songs, so I’ve started orchestrating everything. I’ve got 3 weeks to get as much as possible done. Seeing as I did it in 2 weeks last time, 3 weeks should be plenty of time (famous last words? possibly).

I’m already beginning to see which songs I’m going to be really proud of, and which ones I’ll be SO SICK OF by the end that I’ll never want to hear the song again. Thankfully, it seems there’s only 2 of those so far (I’m still missing a few songs, so there may be more).

I should head to bed now, ready for another full day at the computer. I will definitely be including a trip to the gym though, or I’ll go completely stir crazy. Today I broke up the sitting all day thing with my food shopping.


NB for the record, after checking the previous post, I should probably mention that I am also doing signwriting again this year. I just don’t have any signs to paint yet. At least I can listen to lectures while I paint!