To-do List 19/5/15

List progress for today:

  • dishes
  • watch week 11 Clinical Health lecture 
  • watch Neurological Assessment video
  • research for presentation
  • finish uni “catch up” list
  • cook dinner
  • clean paintbrushes

Now I’m off to do the dishes, so I can make them dirty again when I do dinner hahaha.

Then, it’s off to do some more set painting tonight (hence cleaning the paintbrushes). I always forget to clean my brushes properly after I use them, so I tend to just wash the worst of it out and then clean them properly a few days later. This time it’s been a whole week :S I need to replace a few though, out of a starting set of 7 (rounds in sizes 1, 3, 5, square in 2, 4, 6 and 10) I only have the round 3 and square 6 & 10 left. Others have gotten lost along the way, or I’ve left them too long without proper cleaning and they’ve gone solid. I’m managing with just these three atm though, so I can wait for replacements (white taklon brushes are expensive :S).

Now, I should GET OFF TUMBLR and WordPress and actually go do the dishes.


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